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    How To Override Styles in a RadControl for ASP.NET AJAX' Embedded Skin

    In the era of the "classic" RadControls for ASP.NET modifying a skin required opening ~ / RadControls / [ControlName] / Skins / [SkinName] / styles.css and making the necessary changes. The new RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX (formerly known as "Prometheus") by default use skins, which are embedded in the assembly. This simplifies deployment but sacrifices customization. Or does it? Actually, making a change to an embedded skin of a RadControl for ASP.NET AJAX is quite easy, given that one keeps in mind a couple of notable things. Namely: (1) Since the embedded skin cannot be modified, the custom styles need to be placed elsewhere. For example ...
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    Introducing: the telePhone

    After digging around in Telerik's old Visual Source-Safe server, I found a long-forgotten prototype of a RadMenu skin. I felt the urge to disclose it to you, and hope that you will like it. the telePhone prototype On second thought, this initial draft looks good enough, so we might switch to hardware production. Don't be evil, we were first! Maybe we could even go 3G... Ok now, getting serious - you could use this sort of menu for navigating when there is a large hierarchy in the site navigation (or, to be more specific, a hierarchy that has a wide tree). Currently, no...
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    Full-featured RadEditor for MOSS 5.0

    Our RadEditor for MOSS product has reached version 5.0. There are some major changes that you should know before you upgrade from version 4.x. First and most important is that the 5.0 version uses RadEditor for ASP.NET AJAX. The new editor offers many improvements over the previous RadEditor for ASP.NET, too many to list here. Check the product page for more details. This is a major upgrade and it means that you will need to have the WSS v3/MOSS 2007 Service Pack 1 and ASP.NET AJAX installed in your web farm.   The second important change is in the RadEditor features. There are still two features...
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    Title Attributes in CSS Link Tags Prevent Styles from Being Applied

    I have been aware for some time now that title attributes in CSS <link> tags trigger problems and prevent some CSS styles from being applied on the web page. Today I invested a couple of hours in finding out what actually happens and this is what we've got. If you have several <link> tags in the page <head> and one of them has a title attribute, then the <link> tags coming after it must either have a title attribute with the same value or no title attribute at all, otherwise the styles in the latter CSS files the will not be applied on the...
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    RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX and validation

    Our good friend Peter Blum recently announced official support for our upcoming RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX (aka "Prometheus"). All customers that are using his Data Entry Suite will be able to integrate validation into the Telerik controls almost invisibly and without much pain and effort.    For those of you that are not familiar with Peter Blum, he is an ASP Insider and the author of the BEST set of validation controls on the market. I don't have any reservations to recommend his products as they are well done, very stable and very well documented.