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DevReach 2.0(20) was not in-person, but that doesn’t mean it was ordinary. Spread over five days, we welcomed Blazor, Angular, React, and Xamarin experts as they live-coded on Keep scrolling to watch the recordings and learn what they shared.

Xamarin + MAUI

Aloha! There is plenty of excitement in the present Xamarin ecosystem - matured tooling, feature-rich releases and wide platform/device support. And the future is bright with the evolution of Xamarin.Forms into .NET MAUI - the .NET Multi-platform App UI framework for building native apps across platforms. With a unified developer experience and support for modern design patterns, .NET MAUI is poised to democratize .NET cross-platform app development. Sam Basu and other passionate experts explored the latest in Xamarin land and peaked into the future with .NET MAUI. Catch the recordings and don’t miss out. 


Sam Basu

Developer Advocate Progress

David Ortinau

Program Manager Microsoft

Lance McCarthy

Technical Support Manager | Progress

Veronika Kolesnikova

Engineer | Liberty Mutual

Dan Siegel

Founder/Consultant | AvantiPoint

Brandon Minnick

Developer Advocate Microsoft


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