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2020 Online


DevReach 2.0(20) was not in-person, but that doesn’t mean it was ordinary. Spread over five days, we welcomed Blazor, Angular, React, and Xamarin experts as they live-coded on Keep scrolling to watch the recordings and learn what they shared.


Do you love Angular? Well this was one of the most unique online Angular events yet — The Angular Relay! Alyssa Nicoll interviewed some of the thought leaders in the Angular Community and got to know them on a more personal level. Each speaker also had the opportunity to add a little something to the Tour of Heroes demo app before passing it on to the next speaker. There was laughter, insight, great coding and more. Oh! And did we mention we hosted a #mukbang with the crew from Angular Air?!? We promise, you won't want to miss the epic action as each speaker passes the baton! 


Alyssa Nicoll

Angular Developer Advocate Progress

Stephen Fluin

Angular DevRel Lead   Google

John Papa

Principal Developer Advocate Lead   Microsoft

Shai Reznik

Google Developer Expert |

Sander Elias

Google Developer Expert |

Chris Ford

Senior Development Team Lead | Unilink Software Ltd

Sani Yusuf

Google Developer Expert |

Deborah Kurata

Google Developer Expert | Microsoft MVP | Pluralsight Author

Justin Schwartzenberger

Google Developer Expert | Angular Air Host

Bonnie Brennan

Google Developer Expert | Angular Air Host

Mike Brocchi

Google Developer Expert | Angular Air Host

Kate Sky

Senior Software Engineer | Aon


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