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2020 Online


DevReach 2.0(20) was not in-person, but that doesn’t mean it was ordinary. Spread over five days, we welcomed Blazor, Angular, React, and Xamarin experts as they live-coded on Keep scrolling to watch the recordings and learn what they shared.


In the immortal words of Kool and the Gang, we got together to “celebrate good times!” The #CodeParty was all about fun, trivia, prizes and interesting people. And we put a community spin on the DevReach #CodeParty. In the weeks leading up to DevReach, the community was asked to recognize folks in the community who had made a difference. We honoured them throughout the stream and celebrated #gratitude. Oh, and we had a surprise or two up our sleeve. Don’t miss the recording and experience the CodeParty again!  


Ivana Dimitrova

Social Media Maven Progress

Jeff Fritz

LiveCoders Founder

DeeDee Walsh

VP of Marketing Mobilize.Net

Alyssa Nicoll

Angular Developer Advocate Progress

Sara Faatz

Director Developer Relations Progress


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