Tasks WP7 application

Put an end to the chaos in your personal affairs

Download free for Windows Phone 7

Tasks is an intuitive app that will put an end to the chaos in your personal affairs.

Enter all your projects in the application and assign different tasks to each project. Each task has advanced features.

  • Project

    Enter your big projects and assign tasks to each. It will help you see the big picture.

  • Categories

    You have too many tasks? Organize them in categories and create your own categories.

  • Your own agenda

    Monitor the progress of your tasks or see what you have to do today.

  • Use your contacts

    Insert an e-mail or a phone number from your contacts in a task for your convenience.

  • Record your idea

    Never lose an idea even if you cannot write it down. Record it with the voice recorder of the phone and add it to a task.

  • Change of plans

    Some of your tasks got postponed. No problem, you can postpone them in Tasks with a few clicks.

  • Never forget

    Pin some of your tasks directly on your phone desktop, so that it’s almost impossible to forget about it.