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Key Features

JavaScript Support

JavaScript code navigation, refactoring, quick fixes and more.


For more legible, consistent, streamlined and maintainable .NET code.

Quick Fixes

Fast and easy way to fix errors in your code.

Code Formatting

Format your code against a set of rules or reuse VS default formatting options

Unit Test Runner

Easily run, debug, filter and organize your unit tests.

Code Analysis and Error Check

On-the-spot code analysis and error checking for your whole solution.

Debug Decompiled Code

Easily debug decompiled code right inside Visual Studio.

Code Cleaning

Quick elimination of any dead code and redundancies. Easy code formatting.

Code Generation

JustCode automatically creates different type members to assist you while coding.

Code and File Templates

JustCode templates are easy to create and customize, and even easier to use.

Code Navigation and Search

Quickly traverse your code. Easily find symbol usages, types, members, errors.

Coding Assistance

Color identifiers and typing assistance make it easier to read and understand code.

Quick Hints

Ways to convert code from one state to another to improve readability.

Cloud Sync

Both your JustCode and Visual Studio settings are stored in the cloud.


JustCode supports extensions. This means you can create your own extension and we will promote it to the growing 1,000,000 member Telerik developer community.

Browse all available extensions on our Extensions Page

Part of DevCraft

JustCode is available for purchase individually, or as a part of DevCraft - the most comprehensive HTML5 and .NET toolbox.

Gain access to the complete stack of products to help you build stunning apps twice as fast:

  • Over 550 UI controls for HTML5 and all .NET technologies
  • Five powerful productivity, code quality and debugging tools for faster development
  • Reporting and data access
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Expert and Timely Response

The same developers who build JustCode will answer any questions you might have, even during your trial, to make sure your project always gets delivered on time.

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New Features

JustCode Move To Resource File by Telerik

New Refactorings, Warnings

In R2'16 we added a new "Move To Resource File" refactoring. Also new are the following C# warnings: "Identical if-else statements", "Empty statement" and "Never Assigned Private Field".

Telerik JustCode Refactorings in Visual Studio 2015

New Refactorings for VS 2015

New refactorings for Visual Studio 2015 include "Pull Member To Base Type" and "Sort Switch Refactoring."

Telerik JustCode Create Constructor in Visual Studio 2015

Improved VS 2015 Support

The Code Cleaner for Visual Studio 2015 has also been improved, with greater stability and new code cleaning steps. New JustCode features now available for VS2015: Create Constructor, Introduce Header, and more.


Having just moved from a competitor product to Telerik JustCode, I wanted to say how much better JustCode is. It is a far superior tool and I'm very glad I made the switch!! Well done on a great product!

Andrew GoadSoftware Developer
Kent County

When it comes down to code productivity, JustCode delivers just the tools you need. The suite is very complete and refactoring using JustCode is a breeze. After using it for a while, you can’t imagine you have tried to program so many years without it. Knowing this tool is backed up by Telerik, you know as a customer you’ll get all the attention you need.

Erik van AppeldoornTrainer | Consultant

JustCode is a very clean code refactoring tool. It helps you get your job done without getting in the way of doing your work. I'm looking forward to future releases.

Cory FowlerSoftware Developer

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