• Support for custom content
  • Slides in from all four sides of the screen
  • Seven polished transitions out-of-the-box
  • Sections

    Telerik SideDrawer supports header sections which help users better understand how the app is structured.

  • SideDrawer for iOS Overview

    Adding Extra Space to Your App

    Telerik SideDrawer for iOS extends the popular slide-out design pattern which is mainly associated with navigational purposes. The control allows developers to embed any content inside the sliding panel from text and icons to sliders and filters.

  • Effects and Transitions

    The control is highly customizable and slides in from all four sides of the screen. Seven polished transition modes come out of the box:

    • Push
    • Reveal
    • Reverse Slide Out
    • Slide Along
    • Slide In On Top
    • Scale Up
    • Fade In

    SideDrawer Effects and Transitions

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