• Radial and linear gauges
  • Highly customizable
  • Animations and interactivity
  • Limitless Styling Customizations

    You can customize every element of the Gauges look and feel thanks to its rich API. You can tweak the needle, the segments of the arc/line, and the ticks and the labels.

    Gauges styling capabilities

  • Gauges for iOS gallery

    Stunning Data Visualizations

    The new Gauge control stretches the data visualization capabilities of UI for iOS allowing you to present numeric values over a circular or a linear scale. The Gauges are a great way to illustrate the magnitude of a value in a given range of upper and lower bounds. This could speed, distance, temperature or progress of a process.

  • Animations and Interactivity

    The Gauges control features ready-to-use animations helping you to easily achieve smooth transition effects. Users can change the Gauges values with a swipe gesture.

    Gauges iOS Interactivity

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