• 10+ native chart types
  • Pre-built and custom animations
  • Easy data population
  • Various axes types support
  • Making Sense of Data

    Chart for iOS is an intuitive and easy to use data visualization control for both business and consumer iPad and iPhone apps. The control delivers a pleasing user experience through polished UI, sleek animations and performance.

  • 10+ Chart Types

    Cover your app scenarios with our 10 available chart types. Supported chart types:

    • Column, Bar
    • Pie, Doughnut
    • Line, Spline
    • Line Area, Spline Area
    • Scatter and Stacked Charts
    • Financial

  • Chart Point Labels

    The Chart Point Labels feature makes reading data with great precision on smaller devices easy. The label shows the exact value for the respective point of the chart. This feature is supported by: Line Area, Spline Area, Pie, Bubble, Scatter, and Donut Chart Series. Thanks to the flexible architecture and API, you have control over the point labels renderer and can customize it to fit your app scenario.

    iOS Chart Point Labels feature

  • Financial Series and Financial Indicators

    The Telerik iOS Chart supports stock series – both Ohlc (Open-High-Low-Close) and Candlestick. These series operate with special data points which hold information about each the following parameters: open, high, low, close. To achieve more advanced financial scenarios, you can display financial indicators on top of the financial series. The control supports a wide range of indicators - Moving Average, Bands, Momentum and Volatility.

  • TrackBall

    The new Trackball feature allows for even greater precision when reading the chart data. It displays a small popup containing information about the point where the trackball line crosses the visualization of a series object.

  • Annotations

    Make notes of trend or observations anywhere on the plot thanks to the new Annotations feature. The Annotation can be an explanatory image or text, anchored to a single point or a coordinate on a chart's surface. Available annotation types: band, line, balloon, layer, view and cross line.

  • Fully Customizable

    Our controls provide great customization flexibility to accommodate as many app scenarios as possible. You can tweak everything starting from series fills and borders, axes lines, ticks and labels, to grid fills and borders. Samples and tutorials are available to help you get a faster start.

  • Animations and Interactivity

    Chart for iOS ships with a collection of pre-built Core Animation and UIKit Dynamics based animations. You can animate each data point individually and modify the animations’ velocity and easing. The controls leverage the UIKit Dynamics engine introduced with the latest iOS 7 to help you easily create a unique and inspiring user interface.

    How to create custom and UIKit dynamic animations using Telerik Chart for iOS - 8 min video

  • Easy Data Population

    Choose between three easy ways to populate the iOS Chart with data. Depending on your coding style, you can:

    • Use a delegate
    • Configure the data source consuming a collection of data points
    • Configure the data source consuming properties of a model object

  • Axes Types Support

    Chart for iOS supports Numeric, Categorical and Date/Time axes enabling you to plot any type of data. Use these axes separately or together in a single chart to plot different series against different axes. The control handles and renders negative values against a zero-level axis.

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