• Feedback experience for end users
  • Feedback repository interface for developers
  • Two-way communication between developers and users
  • Get Closer to Your Users

    With the FeedbackController implemented in your app you will gain invaluable insights into the users experience with it. It’s a native iOS control which provides the feedback experience for the end users. Sending feedback is very easy. Users can simply shake the device or navigate to the feedback option. The control takes a screenshot automatically and prompts the users to provide comments.  The users can then track the feedback they've submitted, view its status or give additional comments.

  • Easily Monitor All Users Feedback

    The control is seamlessly integrated with Telerik AppFeedback enabling developers to easily monitor and track all their users’ feedback in one place as well as respond directly to users. To leverage the AppFeedback you need to connect it to a Telerik AppFeedback project. Telerik AppFeedback is part of the Telerik Platform and you’ll need to create an account before start using the functionality.

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