• Custom content display
  • Device orientation support
  • Predefined animations
  • Custom View Support

    You can embed any kind of content in the resizable content area of the Telerik Alert for iOS.


  • Blurred Background Style

    As the Telerik Alert pops up you are in control with what happens to the background (main) view. You can blur it or just dim it.

  • Parallax Effect

    Popular since iOS7, the Parallax effect of the Telerik Alert will bring another dimension to your applications as the end-user rotates the device while the Alert is shown.

  • Custom Frame Support

    With Telerik Alert you can define a custom frame in which it should appear.

  • Display Custom Pop-Up Content

    The Alert for iOS is a pop-up, which unlike the AlertView control in the UIKit allows you to display custom content – text, image or any other UIView. The control is easy to use and it takes only a few lines of code to change the appear/disappear effect choosing from the several preset animations.


  • TKAlert-overview

    Predefined Animations

    For delightful user experience, the Telerik Alert comes with the following appear/dismiss animations to choose from:
    • Scale
    • Fade
    • Slide: from left; from right; from top; from bottom

  • Swipe or Pan Dismiss Options

    There are a few options for dismissing the Alert: click on its buttons and swipe or pan gestures on the screen.

  • Buttons Layout

    Telerik Alert can arrange its buttons horizontally or vertically.

  • Easy-to-Use Block API

    Thanks to the easy-to-use API you can define the buttons and their actions with minimum amount of code.

  • Device Orientation Change Support

    Telerik Alert responds to changes in the device orientation rotating accordingly and at the appropriate position.

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