Data Access

Solve core development problems
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Key Features

Mapping and Model Creation

Map all objects in your object-oriented domain utilizing a powerful framework.

Powerful Runtime Capabilities

Convert all commands issued by the domain model into back-end data retrieve and SQL queries.

Performance Optimization

The Telerik mapping tool comes with many tools and techniques to help you optimize the data access performance for your exact case.

Support for Multiple Databases

Built-in support for a wide range of databases enables you to connect to one or more databases, and helps you easily switch from using one database to another.

Unique Fluent API Capabilities

Besides a standard API for a code-only approach, Telerik Data Access offers unique capabilities to better match your specific and complex needs.

Data Access Profiler

Easily inspect any SQL script generated by Data Access.

Support and Release History

Free Community Support

Telerik Data Access comes with free community support from the vibrant Telerik developer community.

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Release History

See the new features and fixes in the latest Data Access release.

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  • Telerik Data Access is phenomenal - maybe even revolutionary. It has saved me hundreds of development hours. I now no longer maintain any data access layer code. Data Access seamlessly integrates my most complex object models with SQL Server with no manual intervention. I enthusiastically recommend it for any scenario requiring persistence.

    Kenneth Stott
    Freelance Developer
  • Since I started using Telerik Data Access, my productivity has increased, and also the value for the client. Now, I've started a development business and I'm considering buying a license for DevCraft Complete. Telerik has exceptional tools for development!

    José PachecoCEO
    Your Way tecnologia
  • Using the Telerik Data Access I've speed up my development by 30%. Well done Telerik!

    Francesco AntonelliSoftware Developer
    Avalon Consulting di Antonelli Francesco

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