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    Another milestone for RadControls for Windows Phone – Q2 2011 Beta 2 is here

    June 30, 2011 Share
    We reached a second important milestone before the official Q2 2011 release. Today we announce the Beta 2. In this release we included major additions to the Chart and the DataBoundListBox controls. Our Windows Phone Charts now support:  Stacked 100 Bar, Line and Area series  Scatter (XY) series – ScatterPoint, ScatterLine and ScatterArea Pan & zoom behavior – the chart can be zoomed in/out and panned both horizontally and/or vertically. Pan and Zoom can also be set programmatically  Track ball behavior – allows extended data point information to be displayed upon Hold gesture  Tooltip behavior – displays context-sensitive...
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    RadDataBoundListBox for WP7 matures, now adds Multiple Items Selection support

    Q2 2011 Beta 2 of RadControls for Windows Phone 7 is on its way and part of the box is a meaty new RadDataBoundListBox feature: multiple items selection ability. As many of you already know, the mail client on all Windows Phones shows a check box next to each visual container thus allowing the end-user to select a bunch of items and perform an action with them. RadDataBoundListBox can now do pretty much the same thing by exposing a very convenient API and neat UX for working with checkboxes. There is now a CheckedItems collection which exposes methods for checking/unchecking items programmatically,...
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    Design-Time Gallery for RadChart for WP7

    June 29, 2011 Share
    The Q2 2011 Beta 2 release is upon our users and we've got quite a few improvements in the control suite. The highlight of the Q2 release will undoubtedly be the chart control and for Beta 2 we have added more features and polished the existing ones which make the chart look and work better than ever. A major feature, and the focus of this post, is the chart design-time gallery. We extended the concept of the gauge gallery, now it applies to the gauge as well as the chart and who knows, maybe future controls will also benefit from it. The idea of...
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    Implementing Data Paging with RadDataBoundListBox and the OnDemandManual Data Virtualization Mode

    It is clear that a good data driven Windows Phone 7 application must have a smart approach of handling large amounts of data and keeping jagged scrolling and long lasting loading screens away from the end-users. There are a bunch of approaches which handle similar situations but recently I had a discussion with a developer using our controls which focused on implementing data paging as a way of coping with large amounts of data. During this discussion I came up with an idea to utilize the OnDemandManual data virtualization mode of our RadDataBoundListBox to implement a mechanism which loads pages of...
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    RadChart for Windows Phone 7 and Data Binding

    June 06, 2011 Share
    The fastest chart for windows phone 7 is just around the corner and it is not only fast, it is also very easy to use. To prove how easy to use RadChart is, consider the following steps which take the developer from a blank phone page to a page with a working chart that visualizes real data. In short the steps are these: Create chart object -> Add axes -> add series -> bind series to data. That’s right RadChart will support data binding on day -1 (this is the beta so it is not day 1 yet). Now let’s dig right into it. First...