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    Introducing Kendo UI Developer Certification

    Let’s face it. Developer certifications have a bad reputation in the developer community. Unfortunately, they got devalued over time by pressing “Return on Investment” business priorities–companies kept passing more and more people to meet sales quotas. The bar either kept dropping down or you were given courseware to study with exact questions.
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    [Webcast] What's Next in App Development

    Join TelerikNEXT Online to hear the announcements and see the demos you missed at our premiere developer conference, TelerikNEXT. Save your seat.
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    DevCraft Productivity Tools Support Latest Microsoft Tech

    Telerik UI, developer and productivity tools>work with ASP.NET5 (MVC 6 and Web Forms 4.6), Visual Studio 2015, Roslyn, C# 6, Office 365 and Spartan without extra modifications. At Telerik, we are proud of the fact that we embrace effective technology the moment it appears. All recent announcements from Microsoft are impressive and aim to open the door of the .NET community to a whole new world of development possibilities. This is why we took the time to test our tools with the latest bits from Microsoft. Here are the details.
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    Telerik DevCraft Ultimate Suite Offers UI for Native Mobile Development for All Major Platforms

    To respond to the growing need of our .NET customers for building multiplatform mobile apps, Telerik DevCraft Ultimate suite now features two more products: Telerik UI for iOS and Telerik UI for Android. The upgraded bundle offers not only the most complete .NET toolbox but UI tools for building native, hybrid and web mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Universal. DevCraft suite speeds up mobile development for teams with various skill sets and projects requiring different approaches.
    March 16, 2015
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    Thoughts on the Future of .NET

    Are you wondering how influencers and professionals feel about the recent changes in the .NET world? We reached out to Jason Follas from Falafel Software to ask his opinion on the future of .NET. To find out what he thinks of Windows 10, Universal Apps, Windows on IoT and developing for HoloLens. Read our short interview with him.
    February 20, 2015