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    How To: Create custom skins

    Have you ever wanted to create a custom skin for your RadControls? While the RadControls do ship with some of the most visually stunning skins available in any component suite, there are definitely times when an application needs a custom look and feel. Fortunately, creating your own custom skin is easy, especially with the vast collection of tutorials on Telerik.com that guide you through each step. If you can find them.Telerik.com is a big website being updated all the time, and it is easy to miss some of the invaluable resources that are added to make your lives easier. So...
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    Be an Editor for a day (or more)

    (Cross posted from Telerik Watch)Have you ever wanted to be an editor? Well now is your chance. New forums have been created on Telerik.com dedicated to collecting your feedback on all of Telerik's documentation (including the recently released 600+ page Learning Guide). We know that a big part of your experience with the RadControls is in the documentation and we are committed to making that experience best in class. Even though some of our documentation has already won awards for quality, we won't stop improving until all of your questions are thoroughly answered (which it probably never...right?).Start your new role as an "official community editor" by visiting one...
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    Silverlight 1.0 Beta and RadControls (update)

    April 30, 2007 Share
    (Cross posted from Telerik Watch)As is often the case when you're a pioneer in a new technology, changes to the technology's core can have some dramatic effects on your demos. Such is the case with the recently released RadControls for Silverlight and the new Silverlight 1.0 Beta browser plug-ins. If you install the new 1.0 Beta plug-in (or the Alpha 1.1 for that matter), you will not be able to view the current RadControls for Silverlight demos (which are designed to work with the February CTP plug-ins). If you don't install the new plug-in, you cannot view any of the Silverlight demos currently featured on Silverlight.net....
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    RadCallback vs. RadAjax vs. 'Prometheus' Ajax

    April 26, 2007 Share
    (Cross posted content from Telerik Watch) For many of you, your excitement for the new "Prometheus" Ajax is tempered by your well grounded caution for what will be involved in moving to the new Ajax Framework. Many of you, like me, remember the work done to upgrade our applications about a year ago when RadAjax replaced RadCallback. It took me a little more than a year to replace all instances of RadCallback controls in some of my larger projects, so I know this can be a long process and a good reason to pause when the next Telerik Ajax is introduced.Thankfully, the transition to "Prometheus" Ajax from RadAjax is...
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    Prometheus, brother of Atlas

    April 24, 2007 Share
    (Cross posted from Telerik Watch)One of the big secrets revealed by the Quest is the introduction of a new ASP.NET product line from Telerik code named "Prometheus". In Greek mythology, Prometheus is famous for bringing fire to the people and beginning an age of enlightenment for man. And in a way, that's exactly what the RadControls based on ASP.NET AJAX will do for ASP.NET developers. RadControls "Prometheus" will deliver new controls, experiences, and performance improvements based on the OpenAjax-enrolled Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX client-side framework.Also fitting, in Greek mythology Prometheus' brother is Atlas (usually represented as the guy holding the earth on his shoulders). As you may remember, the code name...