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    Join us on Google+ for a Chance to Win a $200 Gift Card

    TeamPulse needs your feedback. Constantly. That’s why we would like to have you in our Google+ circles and us to be part of yours.
    January 25, 2012
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    Delivering Software Value

    What makes software valuable? Or, to be specific, when does software become valuable? To put it simply, software becomes valuable when the proper solution gets into the hands of the user. Software sitting on a developer’s computer, no matter how wonderfully it was designed or coded, doesn’t provide any value. Your development teams are hard at work developing the best software possible. They are employing many of the agile practices that have been developed over the past decade or so, including implementing a rapid feedback loop through increased collaboration, developing in small iterations, ensuring transparency, and responding to change. Including ...
    January 16, 2012
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    2012 Roadmap Revealed: 6 Major Releases

    For the TeamPulse team, 2012 means “new frontiers” 2011 was a stellar year where we focused on delivering around our core product to help teams represent and manage requirements and plan and manage work. The later part of the year we really switched gears and started adding value on top of this core set of functionality by adding the Feedback Portal. Here is a summary of what we are planning on doing for 2012 based completely on customer demand: Deliver Every 2 Months Our customers have been asking for a LOT of features – and we don’t want them to ...
    January 13, 2012
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    Need to have a Cross Project Perspective?

    Our customers have been asking us for some way to have visibility across a number of projects at the same time. We also think this is a great idea!!! For that reason, we’ve dedicated our next release (targeted toward the end of January 2012) to providing cross-project views to our customers. Before we started development, we really wanted to understand “who” would want such views – overwhelmingly, customers have told us that cross project views would be great for team members as well as roles such as the development manager, whose responsibility is to govern many projects at the same ...
    December 27, 2011
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    CS0103: The name 'ViewBag' does not exist in the current context

    Technorati Tags: .NET,ASP.NET MVC I hit this error today while working with an MVC3 application.  It appeared out of the blue – but don’t they always?  Fortunately, I make a habit of committing my work into SVN every time my tests pass, so I could have just reverted back to my last Revision, but I wanted to know what I did to cause this. Much to my demise, the optimistic fixes didn’t work: Restart the debugger several times, because surely that will fix it :-) Close Visual Studio and reopen it. Just kidding.  But we do tend to try those don’t we? Back on topic,...
    December 01, 2011