• Default and custom editors
  • Validation with Feedback
  • Grouping
  • Easy Mobile Forms Creation

    The Telerik DataForm for Android provides an easy and versatile approach to processing data objects’ public members and building mobile forms fast. You can bind the DataForm to an object with a single line of code.


  • DataForm-Android-Overview

    Default and Custom Editors

    The DataForm provides a set of built-in editors for the available primitive types such as numeric, string, Boolean and enumerations. You can also provide your own custom editor.

  • Read-Only Mode

    The Telerik DataForm for Android has a read-only mode to prevent users from interacting with certain data. This functionality can be enabled with a single line of code. You can either take advantage of the built-in viewers or provide a custom viewer.

  • Commit Modes

    • OnLostFocus - data is synchronized when the corresponding editor loses focus in favor of another editor. This is useful when asynchronously validating emails or usernames.
    • Immediate - data is synchronized with the business entity upon each change.
    • Manual - data is synchronized with the business entity by explicitly calling a method exposed by the control’s API.

  • Various Layouts Support

    The DataForm arranges the editors in a table view by default but you can override this behavior and arrange the editors in any configuration.

  • DataForm-Android-Validation

    Validation with Feedback

    You have control over the data collected through the DataForm thanks to the built-in validation. The control also gives suggestions in case the user has entered invalid data.

  • Hint Text Support

    Property name labels not always fit in the mobile device's screen size which may confuse the user. The DataForm for Android allows you to set hint text to give the end-user a hint what should be done.

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