• Week, month and year views
  • Single, multiple and range date Selection
  • Special and disabled dates
  • Special and Disabled Dates

    The Calendar for Android allows setting a restriction on the dates that are visible and selectable. It also allows you to customize each cell depending on the date it represents. This can be used to make the weekends red or to add a birthday cake on the date of your birthday.

  • Calendar Views

    The Telerik Android Calendar features week, month and year views.

  • Support for Events

    As you’d expect the Telerik Android Calendar allows displaying events and appointments in your app, which are color-coded and very easy to create.

  • Single, Multiple and Range Date Selection

    RadCalendar covers various selection scenarios enabling users to select a single date, multiple dates or a range of dates.

  • Inline Events for the Calendar Control

    You have full control over the customization of events when using the inline display mode. You can change the event’s background color, title text size, the color of the start and end time as well as the text size of the start and end time.


  • Localization

    Support for different cultures is critical to mobile apps. The Telerik Android Calendar can either inherit the default device culture or use a custom one provided by the developer.

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