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    Key Features

    Fill Gaps in the Android UI Framework

    Telerik UI for Android is a library of native UI components built from the ground-up to deliver outstanding performance and sleek interactivity out-of-the-box. The product bridges missing functionalities in the Android native offering such as an advanced and polished Charting library.



    Control filling gaps in the Native Android UI Framework

    Predefined Styles and Palettes

    UI for Android offers various predefined styles and palettes which are compliant with Google’s design guidelines. They help you achieve beautiful color combinations in your app. Furthermore, the controls support the Holo system themes, making it easy to implement your own visual styles.

    Familiar and Easy to Use API

    Integrating Telerik Android controls within your project is easy and straightforward thanks to the familiar API. The product ships with detailed documentation directly accessible through your preferred IDE.

    Support for Your Preferred IDE

    UI for Android supports both Eclipse and Android Studio. The API level support starts from Android Gingerbread (API level 9). These two short videos show you how to:

    Ultimate Performance

    UI for Android provides the same smooth experience on any device and screen-size running Android. The controls deliver fast loading, excellent drawing capabilities and pixel-perfectness. Thanks to UI virtualization the charts rendering is optimized to the maximum.

    Fast and Precise Pan and Zoom

    The pinch/pan and drag/zoom gestures deliver smooth and fluid experience when using UI for Android. Thanks to the highly optimized UI virtualization mechanism, the data points are drawn on demand, contributing to highly efficient performance on the mobile device.

    Plenty of Learning Materials

    Get off to a fast start with the controls. We’ve created an extensive online documentation with tutorials, how-to guides and video tutorials.

    Transparent Roadmap

    Telerik UI for Android follows an aggressive release schedule. Our roadmap is customer-driven and very transparent.

    Xamarin Wrappers

    UI for Xamarin is a separate product offering Xamarin.iOS wrappers, Xamarin.Android wrappers and Xamarin.Forms controls. The Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android wrappers are C# bindings on top of the native Telerik UI for iOS and UI for Android libraries making developers more productive when using the Xamarin platform.

    Learn more about UI for Xamarin here
    Native ListView for iOS and Android
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    Telerik UI Examples Demo App

    A free app that demonstrates the capabilities of the Telerik Android controls. Download the app to get a first-hand experience with the suite. Source code is available for every example.


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    Customer App in the Spotlight

    The developer of My Stocks Portfolio & Widget app listened carefully to his users’ feedback and aimed for simplicity and great user experience. A few months after its release on Google play the app has a 4.4 stars rating and more than 120 users’ reviews. The developer chose UI for Android because he needed interactive charts with features such as: pinch-zoom, pan and trackball support. “By using the Telerik native solutions, I was able to integrate the charting controls which met my business requirements and complete the feature quickly, allowing me to focus on adding other functionalities to the app,” said Mike Liu, creator of the app.

    Check out the app

    Part of the Telerik Platform

    Telerik UI for Android is available separately or as part of the Telerik Platform, the first end-to-end platform for hybrid, native and web development across all devices. Join the platform to:

    • Get industry-leading UI tools for building web, hybrid and native apps
    • Design, develop and test mobile apps
    • Simplify data management, data integration, user management and push notifications
    • Explore user behavior with powerful app analytics
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    Support and Learning

    Industry-Leading Support

    Expert and Timely Response

    The same developers who build Telerik UI for Android will answer any questions you have, even during your trial.

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    Contribute to the product roadmap. Submit your feedback and ideas, or request a new feature through the support ticketing system accessible from Your Account.


    What's New


    DataForm Improvements

    New email, phone and password editors have been added to the DataForm, as well as Validator parameters and Editor parameters are added to annotations, and the ability to edit JSON objects and to set up editor properties through JSON schema.


    ListView Collapsible Groups

    ListView now offers the ability to collapse groups.

    Next Steps

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    Check the documentation

    Get off to a fast start with the product.

    Check the documentation

    Get off to a fast start with the product.