Sample Applications

Built with Telerik UI for WinForms

Sales Dashboard
Sample Application for WinForms

The Telerik Sales Dashboard for WinForms demonstrates the tight integration between UI for WinFormsUI for WPF and Data Access and the implementation of Telerik CAB Enabling Kit. It is a composite business application for visualizing sales force performance built with the most popular and widely used WinForms components.

Application Portfolio With

The Application Portfolio demonstrates the full capabilities of RadCarousel for WinForms in a very innovative and interactive way. It simulates a portfolio of WinForms applications, each represented by an animated item in RadCarousel, which rotates on a predefined pseudo-3D trajectory. The applications showcased here are independent of each other and can be started with a single click.

HelpDesk Sample Application for WinForms

This demo integrates the components from the UI for WinForms suite. It simulates a contact management system, which is data-bound to a Microsoft SQL Server to show how to build rich user interfaces with Telerik UI for WinForms. It illustrates how to combine our award-winning components to deliver elaborate UIs.

Bookstore Kiosk Demo
for WinForms

The Bookstore Kiosk Demo demonstrates the unmatched WPF-like visual аttractiveness of Telerik UI for WinForms. It simulates a bookstore kiosk system, much like the one you would use in your local bookstore. You can browse books, check book availability and even see the current book inventory using the Telerik Reporting tool.