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Adaptive UI for building multi-device
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Universal Windows Platform

Key Features

Build One App to Reach All Windows 10 Devices

Windows 10 introduces the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which provides a common app platform available on every device running Windows 10. Apps written with the UWP can call APIs common to all Windows 10 devices as well as APIs specific to the device family the app is running on. The UWP provides a guaranteed core API layer allowing you to create a single app package that can be installed on various Windows 10 devices. The upgraded Windows Store provides a unified distribution channel for reaching all desired device types.

Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform makes your Windows 10 development more productive offering easy implementation of complex functionalities.

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Advanced Mapping Capabilities

The Map control leverages the Direct2D rendering. This offers maximum performance at a very low memory consumption. The extensive API of the Map allows you to provide custom shape files that are ideal for representing hotel floor plans, airplane seating plans, stadiums etc. In addition, the Map controls allows for stacking multiple layers on top of the shape file.


Data Visualization Made Easy

UI for Universal Windows Platform includes various data visualization controls to help you turn large amounts of data into meaningful and easily consumable graphics. The wide range of Chart series and Gauge controls will help you cover scenarios such as: sales dashboards, stock market and financial apps, displaying distance, speed, duration or any other dynamic data.


Data Operations Simplified

The ListView provides out-of-the-box support for data shaping operations such as group, sort and filter. Its underlying data engine offers maximum performance for working with large data sets.


Core Application Building Blocks

The suite offers many input and navigation controls to save development time: date and time pickers, sliders, calendar, side drawer, auto-complete input box and others. Download the product to try them out.


Support During Your Evaluation

Dedicated support is available directly from the developers who build the suite, even during your evaluation period. The product development follows an aggressive release schedule with 3 major releases per year.

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Top UI Controls for Universal Windows Platform


  • Grouping, sorting, filtering
  • Data editing (CRUD)
  • Column resize, reorder
  • Frozen and typed columns
  • Selection
  • Virtualization
Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform Grid Beta



  • Out-of-the-box support for grouping, sorting and filtering
  • Support for wrap and stack layouts
  • Smooth experience when browsing through large sets of data thanks to advanced data virtualization mechanism

Data Visualization Controls


  • Rich set of series ranging from Bar, Line, Area, Pie, Scatter and Polar charts to Stock Market and Financial series
  • Support for annotations


  • Broad range of linear and radial gauges for displaying distance, speed, duration or any other dynamic data
  • Supports arrow, bar and segment indicators to emphasize different values


  • An alternative to gauges which requires less space. The BulletGraph saves precious screen space while visualizing the data in a meaningful way



  • Easily view and edit the public properties of business objects
  • Support for grouping of related properties useful for scenarios where the business object has a lot of properties
  • Highly extensible layout mechanism providing an easy way to arrange the property editors in any way you like
  • Built-in data validation. The control also provides a notification mechanism in case invalid data has been submitted


  • The control leverages the Direct2D rendering and provides excellent performance while retaining a minimal memory footprint
  • Custom shape files are ideal for representing hotel floor plans, airplane seating plans, stadiums etc
  • Support for stacking multiple layers, which is useful for displaying custom data on top of the shape file


Input Controls

  • Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform offers various input controls which are among the core building blocks of every applications. Some of them are Date and Time pickers, a NumericBox, an AutoCompleteBox and a Rating control
  • The Calendar control supports Month, Year and Decade views. It’s highly customizable – enabling styling of individual cells, support for single and multiple selection

Full list of UI for UWP controls

Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform includes more than 20 UI controls. With this suite you can target Windows 10 and build apps for phones, tablets and desktops. Begin your tablet and desktop development journey today with UI for Windows Universal. Here’s what you get in the suite:

  • AutoCompleteBox
  • BulletGraph
  • BusyIndicator
  • Calendar
  • Chart
  • DataBoundListBox
  • DataForm
  • DatePicker and TimePicker
  • Expander
  • Gauge
  • Grid
  • HexView
  • HubTile
  • ListView
  • LoopingList
  • Map
  • NumericBox
  • Pagination
  • RadialMenu
  • RangeSlider
  • Rating
  • SideDrawer

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Support and Learning

New Features

Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform Sticky Header image

Frozen group headers for ListView

With the frozen group headers option for ListView, you can easily visualize which groups are currently displayed on the screen.

Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform ListView Staggered Layout image

Staggered layout for ListView

The Staggered Layout will allow you to order the items in your ListView in a neat and fancy fashion, avoiding the boredom of the standard list or wrap layouts.

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