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Kendo UI Dojo

The Kendo UI Dojo is an interactive environment designed to help you get up and running quickly with Kendo UI, no downloads needed. In this in-browser application, you'll be introduced to the basics of Kendo UI Web, DataViz and Mobile through guided tutorials and live, executable samples. Ready to dive in? Click on the link below and get ready to step into the Dojo.

Launch Kendo UI Dojo
Kendo UI Dojo

Success Stories


BridgePay Cuts Development Time for Customer-Facing Portal by 40% with Progress

"BridgePay answers to both internal and external security officers who perform regular audits, and Kendo UI has passed muster every time for the last four years. It provides all the necessary security features for a public-facing website that contains sensitive data.”
Bill Marshall, Chief Technology Officer, BridgePay Network Solutions
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Aspire Financial

Video Case Study: Aspire Financial Banks on Progress for Digital Transformation

"The website visits grew 193%, mobile device visitors grew over 385%...In three months time frame all traffic increased 253%, visit duration grew 179%, and the bounce rate decreased 56%.”
Sheila Reed, Chief Marketing Officer, Aspire Financial Services
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