UI for PHP

Build modern HTML5 and JavaScript sites
using only PHP

UI for PHP

Key Features

  • Complete Web Development Framework

    Telerik UI for PHP is a complete framework for building modern HTML5 web and mobile apps using PHP. 
  • UI Widgets With PHP Server Wrappers

    Telerik UI for PHP widgets are jQuery-based and come with server-side wrappers, so you can code in your preferred server-side language. 
  • Customize Themes

    When the out-of-the-box themes are not enough, you can use the ThemeBuilder tool to quickly customize the base styles to perfectly match your site. 

  • Rich Views and Models With MVVM

    UI for PHP provides a high-performance Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) framework, which enables you to manage complex HTML and JavaScript UI with declarative bindings and two-way syncing between applications views and models.
  • Responsive UI for Modern Apps

    Telerik UI for PHP delivers a complete, responsive experience and brings you the features you need to deliver “responsive UI for modern apps."

  • Great UX Across Devices and Browsers

    Telerik UI for PHP uses a mix of techniques to enable some HTML5 features in older browsers, and fine-tuned graceful degradation for others.
  • Unmatched PHP Performance

    Every aspect of Telerik UI for PHP has been built from the ground-up to deliver maximum performance. 
  • Server- and Client-Side APIs

    Telerik UI for PHP gives you complete control over the Web and DataViz widgets via complete server-side APIs. 
  • Pixel-Perfect Themes for Your PHP Apps

    Telerik UI for PHP widgets support themes and styling, via CSS. The framework includes 11 out-of-the-box themes: Black, Blue Opal, Default, Metro, Metro Black, Silver, Bootrap, Uniform, High Contrast, Moonlight and Flat UI. 

Industry-Leading Support

Expert and Timely Response

UI for PHP customers have the benefit of accessing Telerik premium support forums and getting answers from the engineers who built Kendo UI and Telerik UI for PHP

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Need Evaluation Help?

If you don't have time to evaluate UI for PHP, or need more clarification on how server-wrapper technology works with Kendo UI works, just send us your project requirements. We will evaluate your requirements and let you know how we can help.

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New Features and Roadmap

PHP Diagram


Brand new component providing rich support for Visio-like diagram types including flowcharts, organizational charts and more.

PHP Notification


Easily add non-blocking notifications to your apps. The widget supports the following notification types: warnings, errors and simple notifications, animations and more.

PHP Sortable Widget

Sortable Widget

A brand new widget allowing a list of items to be sorted by the end-user via drag and drop. Can be integrated with Grid, ListView, TabSrip, etc.


  • Leveraging the HTML5 capabilities of Kendo UI enabled us to get our app up and running in no time, with a clean and polished look and feel. Telerik AppBuilder enabled us to deploy on multiple devices — something that would have taken more than a year to do with a native approach.

    Gordan RedzicDirector of Product Management
  • We have started using Kendo UI and the Telerik Platform for our company's mobile app. This platform has sped up our development time tremendously. I'm very happy about the investment and the return!

    Nirosha KodituwakkuCEO
    Archmage (pvt) Ltd.
  • I recently used Kendo UI and AppBuilder to create a mobile app for a client that depended on retrieving, binding and filtering large sets of data. KendoUI provides some of the best mobile data management tools in the industry and saved me dozens of development hours. Previous to using AppBuilder it was necessary to create a full app build before testing on a target device. Now I can view the results as I make them. This has saved more time than you can imagine. Kudos for 2 excellent new products in your already great suite of offerings.

    Steve MathesonWeb Designer
    The Incognito Group

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