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Browse six sample applications with source code to see basic and advanced scenarios for all Telerik ASP.NET AJAX controls.

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UI for Silverlight

Create powerful, responsive and scalable line-of-business and enterprise applications with UI for Silverlight. Explore four sample applications to see how UI for Silverlight provides the variety, scope and design needed for your application to cover any business scenario.

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UI for WPF

The Telerik WPF controls provide a vivid, interactive UI and fast performance–even when dealing with large amounts of data. Explore the Sales Manager Dashboard and Executive Dashboard applications to see the see the spectrum of scope and design choices UI for WPF offers.

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UI for WinForms Sample Apps

UI for WinForms

These sample applications for UI for WinForms show the most popular and widely used controls in action. Four sample apps will demonstrate the tight integration between UI for WinForms and other Telerik products, as well as its unmatched WPF-like visual appeal.

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UI for Windows Phone

“Picture Gallery” and the “ToDo Lists” sample apps were built with Telerik UI for Windows Phone to demonstrate how to use the controls in real-life scenarios. Built by the Telerik Windows Phone team, the apps will get you started with Windows Phone development. Source code is included.

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UI for Windows 8

Download Telerik XAML Examples and Telerik HTML Examples apps from the Windows Store and get first-hand experience with the controls. Source code is included.

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