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While all developers at Telerik were busy preparing new cool features and upgrades for the Q2 release, the efforts of the marketing team were focused on cooking up brand-new print ads to match the enhanced Telerik products. Finally our concepts saw the light of day – you can find their online versions below. We’ll be happy to read what you think about them.

To dig deeper into the topic, people say technical ads full of info are the ones that developers pay attention to. However, is this really the case or are you more likely to spot an ad with a single clear message conveyed through it? Another topic that raises lots of arguments among marketers in our industry is the “the-screenshot-is-a-must” one. In other words, would an interesting, creative ad catch your eye or you’d rather see screenshots that can give you some insight about the product itself? (As much as a screenshot can say about a product because we all know you can’t show everything on a screenshot).

Generally speaking, print advertising is expensive and results are hard to measure.  However, marketers believe that it’s a vicious circle – once you start pouring cash in print media, you can’t give it up as it “adds to a company’s credibility”. Does it indeed? In other words, if you don’t see print ads from a certain vendor in a magazine, would you think something’s wrong? Do you care about print ads at all?

Overall, this is a discussion we’d like to start with you – we believe lots of interesting ideas might pop up out of it.

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RadControls for WinForms

Telerik Reporting          RadControls for WPF

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