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    Quick Overview of RadCarousel For WinForms

    I put together a quick introduction to the RadCarousel for WinForms control and how you can get started working with it.  I have shown this control to a number of people during conferences and they always think it is a WPF control instead of WinForms.  It is really easy to get things going and simple to work with.  I hope you will take a look at the...
    May 17, 2009
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    Computing Values in the RadGridView for WinForms

    When working with data there are a number of occasions where you may want to calculate a value for display within a grid.  Did you know you can do this within the RadGridView itself?  It is really quite simple.  To compute a column within the RadGridView you need to set the Expression property of the destination column.  This may be a new column that you are adding to the grid to store the value or you can override the value of an existing column by setting the Expression property.  Below is an example of the syntax to calculate an average across all...
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    Performance Monitor using RadChart for WinForms

    I have had a few people ask me about using the RadChart in the same manner as Performance Monitor (aka PerfMon). If you are not familiar with PerfMon, it is a tool that has been provided with Microsoft Windows for quite some time. You can open PerfMon by clicking the Start button within Windows, typing “perfmon” in the search box and pressing Enter.  PerfMon is a simple utility that displays performance counters. There are a wide variety of counters available, from CPU utilization of process threads to how many times the .NET Garbage Collector has run. The counters PerfMon allows...
    April 15, 2009
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    Changing the Backcolor for the RadMenu for WinForms

    Recently a question regarding how to change the BackColor of the RadMenu for WinForms.  I thought it might be easier to outline this process with screenshots so I put together a quick post to answer the question. After creating a new WinForms application project, I added a RadMenu.  The screenshot below shows that the default color of the menu is blue. The quickest way to accomplish this task is to click on the SmartTag in the DesignView.  Then select the Edit UI Element menu option. This will open a new window which is called the Element hierarchy editor. Within the Element hierarchy editor, select the...
    April 03, 2009
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    WinForms RadGridView's new clothes

      In our latest release – Q1 2009 – we were focused mostly on addressing known issues and minimizing the memory footprint of RadGridView for WinForms.  However, we managed also to steal some time and redesign all of RadGridView’s themes. Some optimizations in our TPF framework helped us with this task. One of the heaviest operations in GDI+ is clipping. We managed to remove the clipping where it wasn’t really needed. This way we achieved two goals with a single shot: first, we got a performance boost, and second, we achieved better graphics and smoothed edges when using shapes. Our new Desert...
    March 25, 2009