• .NET Mobile

    Introducing Item Animation support for RadDataBoundListBox for WP7

    October 27, 2011 Share
    I bet that everyone using a Windows Phone have noticed the slick animations that are applied to a single item when it is removed or added to the viewport in the native mail client. That happens when you sync and the recent mail is added on top of the other items. Inspired by this, we decided to extend our RadDataBoundListBox and provide out-of-the-box support for per-item animations. Moreover, we made sure to allow customizations like defining your own animations, performing batch animations when resetting the source collection and defining a time interval between each separate animation when performing a batch operation. So...
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    RadChart for Windows 8 WinRT - Designing the demo

    October 14, 2011 Share
    We, at Telerik, are trying to be the first facing the challenge to adopt the newest technologies - and here we are now designing and developing a WinRT demo application at this early developer preview stage of the OS and developer tools. As a UX designer I was eager to start with the design and in the same time a little bit scared in front of the challenge. However it turns out it’s not as big of a challenge as I thought. Two of the most important reasons for that are: our RadControls for Windows Phone 7 completely working on WinRT...
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    The LOB Chronicles Episode 10: UI Consistency

    October 13, 2011 Share
    We have taken quite an adventure in chronicling the new Silverlight CRM demo and all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making new demos for our site, but now we finally get to talk about the really fun stuff – UI. I know, I know, depending on what hat you are wearing at your company you may be thinking “Hey, I loved the previous posts on MEF (here and here) as well as what you were saying about the Repository Pattern, what’s all this UI business?” As it turns out, Telerik sells a wide range of UI components that are used...
  • .NET Mobile

    Lambda woes with csc

    While helping with the development of our Tasks application I stumbled upon a strange compiler error. There was a lambda expression that was compiling just fine before I touched the file with the lambda and after changing a line inside the body of the lambda, the project suddenly stopped compiling. The error was, that it could not find an adequate overload of the method that accepted the lambda in question as an argument. The cause turned out to be very interesting(for me at least) and I think it is worth sharing. Consider that you have a function with two overloads that both accept...
  • .NET Mobile

    RadBulletGraph Architecture and Features

    We introduced RadBulletGraph beta in the Q2 2011 SP1 release with the idea that the sooner we release a stable product the more time we will have to polish it and even implement user requirements before the final version. With this blog post I will explain how RadBulletGraph is structured internally and how this internal structure enables the features that it currently supports. With this in mind I kindly ask you, dear reader, to give your opinion on RadBulletGraph, to tell us what else you need or what can be done in a better way so that we can provide the best...