• Mobile Web

    KiZAN Develops in Half the Time with Telerik Platform

    Approximately 500,000 users use applications KiZAN has developed on Telerik technologies in education, healthcare, non-profits and other organizations. Hear from Mike Branstein, head of custom application development at KiZAN, why they continue to rely on Telerik to help them stay ahead of the curve.
  • Telerik AppBuilder - Some Simple, Effective Methods for Securing Your Source Code

    You've spent countless hours developing your app. You've nurtured it from its inception as an idea, held it through its grueling testing and debugging, and finally, watched it progress into a full-featured mobile app ready to be distributed to the world. The only lingering question is this: How do you protect all of your invested time, money, and hard work from being copied, altered or otherwise used for free?
  • Mobile Company News

    The Role of the Partner Ecosystem in Choosing Your Mobile Strategy

    We are often told that “mobility is the future.” Actually, mobility is very much the present, especially for IT leadership. Nearly every senior architect or CIO we talk to these days is asking for advice on mobile strategy. Given so many different mobile approaches, no wonder it is sometimes difficult to make a decision on which way to go. Moreover, there is added pressure on development managers, architects and the CIO to deliver quick results, which drives IT leaders and developers to frustrating breaking points.
  • Mobile .NET

    Overview of Telerik Platform Enterprise Enhancements

    We are pleased to announce the immediate launch of Telerik Platform Enterprise Edition. While Telerik Platform has always offered some enterprise-targeted features, we’ve invested a lot of time over the last year fine-tuning Telerik Platform to bring all the pieces together for developers working in complex enterprise environments.
  • Cloud Mobile

    Telerik AppBuilder May Release: Update a Published App in Seconds

    At TelerikNEXT we unveiled a host of new features for the entire Telerik Platform. Today we will dive into some of the AppBuilder updates. Among these include a new feature we call AppManager LiveSync, which allows you to update a published app in seconds without going through the app store review process.