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    In Asia/Pacific Time zones? Join Telerik for a Test Studio Webinar on 22 Aug!

    We know it’s not easy trying to get in on live webinars if you’re in Asia or Pacific time zones. If you’re in that region then you’ll be happy to hear that Telerik’s Dhananjay Kumar will be putting on a Test Studio webinar at 3pm IST on Wednesday, 22 August. DJ will be presenting an introduction to Test Studio and walking through solving common web automation problems. Read more about his webinar at his blog, then go register! About the author Jim Holmes Jim Holmes has around 25 years IT experience. He is co-author of "Windows Developer Power Tools" and ...
    August 20, 2012
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    Test Studio’s Love for Visual Studio 2012 (RTM)

    You can tell the VS team has an appreciation for Test Studio because they’ve went with our color scheme for the VS 2012’s artwork: As you may already know Visual Studio 2012 is here. And the answer to the question you’re probably asking yourself is:   “Yes, Telerik’s Test Studio fully integrates with Visual Studio 2012” That’s right – VS 2012 is now officially part of the Test Studio-integrated family (alongside VS 2008 and VS 2010). Hooray!     Testing-wise the major change in Visual Studio 2012 is that Test View is gone. Instead we have the Test Explorer. We recommend that you checkout this...
    August 16, 2012
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    Performance monitoring in a Load test

    Test Studio’s Load feature is seeing some lightning-fast evolution these days. New things are added, existing things are improved – all based on customer feedback. Load testing has been around since the R1 release in April. In other words not very long. But things have been dynamic: the SP1 release re-worked the result output making it much more responsive. Next we introduced data-binding into the mix. And now with the latest SP2 release of R1 again we add more neat things. First off: the result visualization is improved. You can filter the results for your separate Load agents which wasn’t ...
    August 14, 2012
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    Developing with MonoTouch? Test Studio for iOS just added full support for testing your apps!

    So test away! Completely free of charge, and yes, downloadable from the App Store! If you are into creating iPhone and iPad apps using MonoTouch, then we have just given you a head start to outperform the competition. Xamarin and Test Studio’s iOS development squad joined forces to help you not only easily build amazing iOS apps with C# and .NET, but also ensure they work as expected and meet your users’ expectations. Test Studio for iOS now supports testing of MonoTouch applications out-of-the-box. All you need to do is configure your MonoTouch project with our testing extension, ...
    August 13, 2012
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    Debugging and Fixing a Failing Test

    Tests fail. Sometimes it’s a bug, sometimes it’s an expected system change. You need to fix those failures! Here’s a quick walk through of one easy way to resolve test failures using the visual debugger. (You can find additional information here in our documentation, too!)
    August 08, 2012