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    The Icenium 1.5 Release is Here

    It has been an exciting few weeks here at Telerik as we have a new Icenium release to share with you! Icenium v1.5 was officially released on May 8th and I'm here today to walk you through all of the new features and enhancements. Whether you are a new or an existing user of Icenium, you will quickly gain an appreciation for our rapid release schedule of new versions.
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    iOS App Store Approval Tips and Tricks

    If you are a Constant Reader of the Icenium blog - or if you have ever attempted to submit an app to the iOS App Store - you are acutely aware of Apple's unique app review process. What should be one final simple step in the development process has turned into a source of significant frustration and confusion for many mobile developers. In this post I hope to provide some guidance on what to avoid when developing and publishing any iOS app (be it native or hybrid).
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    Icenium LiveSync - Real Time Testing and Debugging

    As a web developer you undoubtedly spend your day writing code and reloading your browser window to see the result of your labors - repeat ad nauseum. What if I told you this was an unnecessary relic that is no longer an issue with hybrid mobile app development? What if you could edit any of your app assets (be they HTML, JavaScript, or CSS) and those changes would be instantly visible on your test device? Well hold on to your pants because I'm going to let you in on what is actually not a secret at all: Icenium LiveSync.
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    The Beauty of Icenium Ion

    Icenium Ion can be an integral part of your iOS testing story. Learn what Ion is, which issues it solves, and how to use it. We think you will truly appreciate the beauty of Icenium Ion.
    April 25, 2013
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    Diving Into Icenium Graphite - Part 3 of 3

    The third and final part of our Diving Into Icenium Graphite series is going to focus on rounding out our knowledge of the Graphite IDE and looking more closely at some fantastic features baked into Icenium. We're also going to look at the occasionally confusing, often maddening, provisioning and code signing processes - and finally, show you how to publish your app on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
    April 18, 2013