• .NET

    Integrating RadMap for Silverlight in ASP.NET

    Nowadays, with the increasing adoption of Silverlight, it is not uncommon to integrate one or more Silverlight controls in an existing asp.net website. More or less, it utilizes the integration logic demonstrated in this Telerik TV entry - http://tv.telerik.com/watch/silverlight/webinar/radcontrols-silverlight-aspnet and Manol’s blogpost - http://blogs.telerik.com/manoldonev/posts/09-03-17/silverlight_radchart_interoperability_with_asp_net.aspx . If you want to know how RadMap for Silverlight can be bound to RadGrid in ASP.NET go ahead and keep reading. The most important steps are as follows: 1. Prepare the Silverlight application, adding references to the dlls of the controls it contains. In our case, this is a simple XAML page, containing a RadMap control: Code...
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    Real-time update of Sparklines inside RadGridView SL/WPF

    Since Q3 2010 Telerik introduced the RadSparklines control. These new controls have remarkable performance as Yavor already showed. Today we will continue the topic of performance, however, we will do it in the context of a more real-world scenario. One application of the sparklines is to show financial data. Recently Vladimir Enchev blogged about real-time updates in RadGridView. Since sparklines and grids go hand-in-hand together when visualizing data we decided to prepare a small demo showing how to integrate both controls while still maintaining very good performance: In our project we took the real-time grid demo and also added some sparklines to it to illustrate...
    December 10, 2010