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    RadControls for Windows Phone Q3 2012 comes with a new DataForm control

    October 17, 2012 Share
    With the last couple of releases RadControls for Windows Phone suite has become a mature toolset for developing native Windows Phone applications. We've been polishing and extending the product based on your feedback and the expertise we gathered while developing applications like Tasks, Design Templates and Picture Gallery. Thus, we shaped up the product to be exactly what each of you (developers) needs.  So here's what's inside our latest and greatest Q3 2012 release: DataForm A brand new control that makes it easier for you to create input and editor pages for your business entities. Providing flexible validation mechanism and extensive possibilities for customization RadDataForm is a really powerful tool...
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    New control for elegantly picking TimeSpan values on Windows Phone: TimeSpanPicker

    August 02, 2012 Share
    We've received some feedback recently that a control for working with TimeSpan values would be a great addition to the RadControls for Windows Phone suite. Just like the Date- and TimePicker controls that target the DateTime struct, RadTimeSpanPicker implements similar user experience for picking TimeSpan values in Windows Phone applications:   The RadTimeSpanPicker control has an easy-to-use API that allows: Defining selectable value ranges Different formats for the selected value Adjusting the available for selection TimeSpan components in the popup (like whether weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds will be selectable) Using null values Using value steps, i.e. defining different steps (intervals) for the selectable TimeSpan components in...
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    Introducing Item Reorder in RadDataBoundListBox for Windows Phone (video included)

    Being one of the first controls in the RadControls for Windows Phone suite, RadDataBoundListBox has been continuously extended and eventually evolved into a powerful, must-have component for each Windows Phone application. Providing features like Data Virtualization, Multiple Selection, Item Animations, this control can easily be set up to fit into many application scenarios and handle much of the work one would have to do using just the native components. Q2 2012 comes with some further enhancements one of which is the support for reordering the items in the control. The Item Reorder functionality allows your end users to change the position of the items in the...
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    RadControls for Windows Phone Q2 2012 is here!

    This is our sixth release already and we are very excited about it since it brings some really great stuff on the table, including a very important effort that elevates our suite to an entirely new level. Because details are what matters, I am starting right now with what’s new in the Q2 2012 box: Metro Design Templates for building great Windows Phone applications. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: a really thick stack of ready-to-use page templates that provide implementation for common scenarios and are compatible with the Metro Design Guidelines. Powered by a fully integrated Visual Studio...
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    Announcing RadControls for Windows Phone Q1 2012 SP1

    March 21, 2012 Share
    Now that Q1 2012 has been out for a while we have managed to gather some very useful feedback from you on the new stuff that we released with it and with Q1 2012 SP1 it’s time to bring it officially to you. Besides the fine tuning of existing functionality, we are really proud to announce one pretty important and powerful new component that can easily make your application shine: RadHubTile:          This component brings the Windows Phone home screen experience directly to your app without much complexity. It not only covers all native Tile behaviors (animations, layouts etc.) but delivers even new...