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    Sitefinity ad

    September 19, 2008 Share
    Hello and thanks to everybody who gave their insightful comments in the first blog post by the Marketing Team.   We have decided that it will be a good idea to blog more often, to engage in a conversation, and generally to shed some light on our work. We are aware that what we do is not directly related to programming but we hope that you may be interested in what else is happening at Telerik, besides lines of code being entered in VisualStudio :-)   This post will continue where we left off last time. We would once more ask for your opinion on an ad we recently...
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    Tell us what’s on your mind – are print ads dead?

    Welcome to the newly-created marketing blog! While all developers at Telerik were busy preparing new cool features and upgrades for the Q2 release, the efforts of the marketing team were focused on cooking up brand-new print ads to match the enhanced Telerik products. Finally our concepts saw the light of day – you can find their online versions below. We’ll be happy to read what you think about them. To dig deeper into the topic, people say technical ads full of info are the ones that developers pay attention to. However, is this really the case or are you more likely to...