Why Attend?

Join us to reconnect and deep dive into your favorite frameworks! With an unconference vibe, you’ll have access to industry leaders, unique hallway tracks, and outdoor space suitable for refueling.

We’re opening the vibrance of the city to you in Sofia, and there is lots to explore! Curious about what else you can expect, here’s a snapshot.

Hone Your Craft

DevReach23 continues the tradition of bringing exceptional technical speakers to developers in Eastern Europe in a unique, relaxing, and engaging way. With 30+ sessions and an interactive live streaming studio, you will be treated to technical deep dives into frameworks like .NET MAUI, Blazor, React and Angular; and you will learn actionable ways to improve accessibility, testing, UI/UX, and more.

Learn Hard, Play Hard

Get ready to move away from the confines of your home office and find new inspiration in the liveliest and most technologically advanced venue in Bulgaria! Your time is valuable and our in-person event this year will not disappoint. Beyond the sessions, we’ll roll out the red carpet with a top-notch reception, planned activities, and high-end swag. You decide what you want your two days to look like and we’re here to support you.

Community Time

If you can only pick one conference for 2023, DevReach is the clear winner. The DevReach staff has carefully organized the event to offer something for every networking style. With comfortable nooks to have conversations and grab a coffee, to a theater-style forum space, to the main hall with a wraparound 360 projector for an incredibly immersive experience — the SEC venue has it all!

The team at Progress is invested in creating a safe space and experience for you at DevReach. You get to set your own pace for the event, and how you spend your time is your call!

Connect with People

DevReach serves to not only bring in world class speakers to share their experiences and knowledge but pulls in developers locally and from surrounding countries. Life-long friendships are formed, ideas are cultivated, and you walk away feeling more confident and productive. Join us to strengthen your knowledge inside and outside of development with topics ranging from:

  • .NET
  • JS
  • A11y
  • UI/UX
  • Testing
  • AI
  • and so much more!

Buckle up and prepare yourself, because the line-up of speakers we are gathering is exceptional, including folks like:

  • Scott Hunter
  • Layla Porter
  • Gerald Versluis
  • Jennifer Wadella
Convince your Manager

Justification Letter Template

Request to attend DevReach

To: < Insert manager or supervisor name >

Subject: How my attendance at DevReach will benefit our business

I’m requesting approval to attend the DevReach conference in Sofia, Bulgaria October 25-26, 2023.

By attending, I can gain insights that will enable me and my team to optimize our capabilities in a host of areas including:

  • Modern web frameworks, including Blazor, Angular and React
  • The future of .NET desktop and mobile, including .NET MAUI
  • The democratization of apps through accessibility and modern design techniques
  • Testing, debugging, mocking and more

I will also have direct access to Progress product leaders and decision-makers, that could potentially influence future product direction. In addition, Microsoft executives like Scott Hunter will be the keynote and there will be an opportunity for me to learn from leaders from all software disciplines.

If I’m able to attend DevReach, I’ll come back with actionable tips, products and practices to drive business outcomes. My conference schedule will reflect our highest priorities.

  • < Insert conference session name or name of applicable project >
  • < Insert conference session name or name of applicable project >
  • < Insert conference session name or name of applicable project >

This is the approximate cost to attend DevReach:

  • Registration: 225 EUR
  • Airfare: < Insert amount >
  • Hotel: < Insert amount >
  • Meals: < Insert amount >
  • Other expenses: < Insert amount >
  • Total cost: < Insert amount >

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your support in helping me further our company’s success.


< Your name >


Bringing everyone together requires a top-notch event space that offers room to learn and connect in a setting that meets expectations. The Sofia Event Center hosts a variety of settings, premium catering, and onsite high-tech support staff. You’ll see the creativity you’d expect from Progress in a venue that offers the ultimate event experience.

Hallway Track — Socializing, Livestreaming, Snacks and More!

Enjoy what could arguably be the best part of any conference, but of course, with more pizzaz since it is DevReach’s unique Hallway Track.

What’s More

You’re at DevReach… in Sofia!
And there are plenty of things to do here.


If you’re staying an extra day – check out the Free Sofia Tour – a neat way to walk through the historic city and visit the key sights. You can explore the organization’s other more niche tours, too.

Outdoor Recreation

Right around the corner from the venue is one of the biggest parks in Sofia – South Park (yes, very much like the show). If you’re feeling green – hop over to it and soak up some sun.


If you’re hungry… don’t forget we’re at one of the biggest Malls in the city, with endless food options. Yet, don’t forget that lunch during DevReach is on us.

If you end up venturing around the city for dinner and want to try Bulgarian food – make sure you head over to Pod Lipite.

Getting Around

If you’re wondering how to get around the city – the venue is super close to the Vitosha metro station & we recommend you take full advantage of the city’s well-organized public transport. You can use Moovit, Google Maps or even City Mapper. And if you’re adamant about using a cab, you can download the TaxiMe app.


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