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With features such as multiple column layouts, pull to refresh, load on demand, animations and swipe, ListView packs all essential features of a List component

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Feature-Rich ListView for Xamarin.Forms

Telerik Xamarin ListView for Xamarin packs all essential features associated with a ListView scenario, all in one component. It is built on top of the Telerik native UI for iOS and UI for Android and UI for UWP suites, and supports the Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Forms technologies. With Xamarin.Forms you can built ListView-enabled apps from a single shared C# code base. To simplify the data consumption and data shaping, the ListView for Xamarin.Forms is integrated internally with Telerik DataSource for iOS and Android. The DataSource control serves as an intermediary between the raw data to be displayed and the UI component.

Telerik ListView for Xamarin.Forms supports iOS, Android and Universal Windows Platform.


Load on demand

In addition to the built-in UI virtualization, the control supports load-on-demand. This optimizes the initial loading of the app and the new items are loaded before the user reaches the bottom of the ListView.

Different Layout Modes

The ListView control for Xamarin.Forms supports linear and grid layouts. The linear layout arranges the items in a one-column list, while the grid layout arranges the items in a predefined number of columns, expanding the columns and their items to take up the width of the ListView. These layouts can arrange the items horizontally or vertically.


Items Reorder and Swipe

The control features items reorder functionality to provide additional end user flexibility when interacting with content. The items swipe feature enables end-users to swipe an item to reveal actionable content beneath.


Telerik ListView for Xamarin supports both single and multiple selection. Items can be selected on tap or on hold gestures.

Animated Items

ListView animates the way items appear on the screen as the end- user scrolls the items up or down. The supported animations effects are: Scale, Fade In, Slide In, combinations of these.

Pull to Refresh

ListView for Xamarin ships pull-to-refresh functionality out-of-the-box. Mirroring the expected behavior for in-app content update, the items load on top of the feed by pulling down from the top of the list. Telerik pull-to-refresh functionality offers loading indicator customization as well.

UI Virtualization

ListView for Xamarin.iOS extends the standard UICollectionView and ListView for Xamarin.Android extends the Android RecyclerView. This provides fast loading and smooth scrolling experience even for large data sets.

Comparison Table

Full list of supported ListVew features for Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Windows Universal 8.1 and Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10)




Windows Universal 8.1

Universal Windows Platform

Linear Layout
Grid Layout
Wrap Layout
Staggered Layout
'Deck of Cards' Layout
Pull to Refresh
Load on Demand
Single Selection on Tap
Multiple Selection on Tap
Items Reorder
Items Swipe
Extensive Styling API
Items Animations
Dynamic Row Height