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Display custom pop-up content and alert the user with appear/dismiss animations such as scale, fade, slide

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Display Custom Pop-Up Content

The Alert for Xamarin.iOS is a pop-up allows you to display custom content – text, image or any other UIView. The control is easy to use and it takes only a few lines of code to change the appear/disappear effect choosing from the several preset animations.


Predefined Animations

For delightful user experience, the Telerik Alert comes with the following appear/dismiss animations to choose from: Scale, Fade, Slide: from left; from right; from top; from bottom.

Buttons Layout

Telerik Alert can arrange its buttons horizontally or vertically.


Custom View and Frame Support

You can embed any kind of content in the resizable content area of the Telerik Alert for Xamarin.iOS. Furthermore you can define a custom frame in which the control should appear.

Device Orientation Change Support

Telerik Alert responds to changes in the device orientation rotating accordingly and at the appropriate position.

Easy-to-Use Block API

Thanks to the easy-to-use API you can define the buttons and their actions with minimum amount of code.

Swipe or Pan Dismiss Options

There are a few options for dismissing the Alert: click on its buttons and swipe or pan gestures on the screen.