UI for Windows Universal

The first native UI controls for building
Universal Windows apps

Key Features

Build apps once, deploy on all Windows devices

Before universal apps came along, creating apps for Windows 8.x Store and Windows Phone 8 was mostly a two-app project. Thanks to the universal Windows paradigm across devices, developers write code once and deploy on multiple Windows platforms with just small tweaks on the user interface. Telerik UI for Windows Universal plays nice with Microsoft Visual Studio and creates a Shared project template for Universal Apps allowing the same app to be written for Windows 8.1 Store and Windows Phone 8.1 with little code changes.

Native Universal Windows Controls

UI for Windows Universal is not a quick port from another platform. Built from the ground up, it runs on both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, utilizing all of the new features of both operation systems. For example, the Chart control integrates seamlessly with the brand new Notification Center in Windows Phone 8.1.

Delightful UI

No matter if you are developing a Universal Windows app for a phone or for a tablet, UI for Windows Universal provides great UI across all Windows devices, allowing you to spend more resources on your app's functionality rather than on the design. 

Windows Store Ready UI

Telerik UI for Windows Universal adheres strictly to the Windows 8 and Windows Phone design guidelines facilitating your app’s acceptance to the Windows Store. The controls include the proper CSS and expose the same APIs for binding and setting control options as the stock Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 controls provided by Microsoft.

Designed for Touch

The controls are specifically designed for the Window 8 and Windows Phone touch environment, enabling every single gesture and interaction with the touch screen. At the same time, Telerik controls for Windows 8.1 are keyboard sensitive when a keyboard or pen is available.

Unmatched Performance

Telerik UI for Windows Universal uses advanced UI virtualization to ensure exceptional app performance. The flagship Windows 8.1 Grid component is fast and fluid, capable to process hundreds of thousands of records, even on low-end Windows 8.1 devices. The Windows 8.1 Map control leverages Direct2D rendering to produce ultimate performance. Your app can render thousands of shapes even on slower devices without compromising the rich user experience.
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New Features and Roadmap

ListView control for building universal Windows apps

ListView is Official

Supports all the major functionality associated with a ListView scenario.



The DataForm helps you build mobile form fast and easy.



Indispensable for apps that rely heavily on interaction and messaging

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