7 Reasons Why You Should Manage Your TFS Projects with TeamPulse

TeamPulse agile project management software offers source control integration and a unique two-way synchronization of work items with all versions of Microsoft TFS! Thus TFS teams can leverage TeamPulse’s powerful project management capabilities and intuitive UI to better visualize work and improve tracking, planning and collaboration.
  • Do Kanban and Scrum

    After you sync TeamPulse with TFS managing you projects using Scrum or Kanban practices is easy as one-two-three. You can plan your release and schedule iterations, groom your backlog and schedule the top items to be included the next iteration, and track progress in real time. At the same time the TeamPulse Kanban boards allow you to visualize your development process and better manage the flow of work by setting WIP limits. Read more about TeamPulse Scrum & Kanban Project Management

  • Start Working Before Having a TFS Project

    TeamPulse is designed to be used throughout the whole development cycle. You can start by capturing ideas & feedback from internal and external users in your TeamPulse project without the need to have a TFS one ready. As you start, you may spend the first iterations working on the production of an initial product backlog without the need to go to Team Foundation Server. As development progresses, TeamPulse can selectively synchronize TeamPulse data with Team Foundation Work Items, Areas, & Iterations.

  • Visualize and Manage Your Work

    TeamPulse agile project management software offers a virtual task board for managing all your current tasks in a highly intuitive and visual way. Using My TaskBoard you can update, add, edit and delete tasks on the spot without having to go into TFS. With My TaskBoard you can get a clear and focused view of your progress and see what you have to work on next.

  • Plan Work

    TeamPulse can be used as a requirements gathering, backlog management, and project planning sandbox. This will allow development managers and product owners to plan incrementally without impacting data within Team Foundation Server. When plans and requirements are matured and prioritized, development managers can push this new information into Team Foundation Server to allow engineering efforts to commence.

  • Track and Report Progress

    By synchronizing your TFS projects with TeamPulse analytics tool for project management you will be able to use the tools powerful real-time tracking capabilities during the full development cycle. By always having up-to-date reports on the project’s health and progress you will be able to easily spot problems and take corrective action as well as analyze historical data.

    In addition TeamPulse also allows users to generate and export reports for key performance metrics like velocity, task burndowns, as well as planned versus actual reports.

  • Track Time

    TeamPulse Time Tracking supports your workflow and allows you to easily report time with just a few clicks. Logging time with TeamPulse is accurate and fast. On the Timesheet screen you can log time for all the work items you are working on across all the projects you are part of.

  • Capture Customer Feedback

    The TeamPulse Ideas & Feedback portal extension offers a simple and cost-effective solution for capturing customer feedback in TFS projects. It can be easily exposed to external stakeholders like users, clients or other team departments and allow them to submit feedback, as well as vote and comment on it. Then your team can easily triage and manage that feedback in TeamPulse and turn it into requirements or bugs that can be pushed to TFS.