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Key Features

Roll Out Enterprise and Consumer Apps Faster

Many capabilities of the controls, such as powerful data visualizations, are engineered to facilitate building enterprise apps. However, the consumer and enterprise Windows 8 apps will share a number of characteristics: touch-centric, rich data browsing, deep integration into the shell, consuming data with light data entry and others. Telerik UI for Windows 8 offers many functionalities fundamental for both types of apps, such as Data viz, Date and Time Pickers, HubTile, offline Data Storage and Grid.


XAML or HTML? It only depends on your skills set. Pick the technology you are comfortable with. Telerik’s Windows 8 XAML and HTML libraries deliver the same user experience to end users no matter which library you use. You can count on extensive documentation and online demos for both suites.

Designed for Touch

The controls are specifically designed for the Window 8 touch environment, enabling every single gesture and interaction with the touch screen. At the same time Telerik controls for Windows 8 are keyboard sensitive when a keyboard or pen is available.

Windows Store Ready UI

Telerik UI for Windows 8 adheres strictly to the Windows 8 design guidelines facilitating your app’s acceptance to the Windows store. The controls include the proper CSS and expose the same APIs for binding and setting control options as the stock Windows 8 XAML and WinJS controls provided by Microsoft.

Native Windows 8.1 Controls

The suite is not a quick port from another platform. It is built from the ground up for Windows 8.1 taking advantage of many of the new OS features. One example is the ThemeResource markup extension that allows you to update the XAML controls themes at runtime.

Uncompromising Performance

Telerik UI for Windows 8 uses advanced UI virtualization to ensure exceptional app performance. The flagship Grid component is fast and fluid, capable to process hundreds of thousands of records, even on low-end Windows 8 devices. The Map control leverages Direct2D rendering to produce ultimate performance. Your app can render thousands of shapes even on slower devices without compromising the rich user experience.

The Most Complete Windows 8 HTML Library on the Market

The suite includes a variety of controls useful in a spectrum of apps, ranging from enterprise grade apps to your first Windows Store entry. From rich data visualization tools like Charts and Gauges, through a Grid for tabular display of data with a load of features, to single-purpose controls like RadialMenu, Date/TimePicker and TokenInput, we offer the greatest number of feature-complete HTML controls.

Reimagined for Touch, Windows Store Ready

Reimagined for touch and compatible with the native Windows 8 framework, Telerik UI for Windows 8 provide the tooling to build compelling touch enabled user interfaces. The controls are specifically designed with the Microsoft UX guidelines in mind, saving you the hassle of adding additional styling.

Offline Data Storage Solution

Telerik Data Storage makes it easier to store data for offline usage. The Data Storage engine’s ORM features for JavaScript and are wrapped by a library that allows CRUD operations using JavaScript data objects and standard SQL expressions. The simplicity of the wrapper classes and the ease of their use turns Telerik’s library to an invaluable ORM tool for development of data-oriented Windows Store applications with JavaScript and C#.
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Demo Apps

Telerik Examples

Download Telerik XAML Examples and Telerik HTML Examples apps from the Windows Store and get first-hand experience with the controls. Source code is included.

Telerik XAML examples for Windows 8
Telerik XAML Examples


Telerik HTML Examples for Windows 8
Telerik HTML Examples


Part of the Telerik Platform

UI for Windows 8 is available for purchase individually or as part of the Telerik Platform.

Telerik Platform addresses all aspects of the app development lifecycle, including those most relevant to developers like you. It provides touch-friendly UI libraries and integrated Cloud Services to accelerate your development. All UI libraries are tailored to embrace the unique strengths of each development approach and technology. No compromises.

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If you are not a developer or don't have time to thoroughly evaluate our product, send us your project requirements. We will evaluate your required features for you and let you know how our controls fit your needs.

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Success Stories

"Thanks to Telerik UI for Windows 8, I achieved an unexpected--but truly welcomed--bonus in productivity."

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Methylium - how Telerik UI for Windows 8 helped Booking.com get into the Windows 8 store ahead of the platform’s launch.

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Love the controls! They make my life so simple. The best part is the product is indeed a WYSWIG :) - it delivers what it promises.

Ronak SamantraySoftware Developer
NowFloats Technologies

I am writing my first app for the Windows 8 store and it turns out the standard set of UI controls in Visual Studio is lacking a few things. Among the more obvious are a date and time picker which are staples in many apps. Thank goodness for Telerik UI! Their pickers look professional and like they were built native to the Win 8 platform. I also love the gauges which are a flashy way of showing progress or status without making the user read data manually. I look forward to being able to use more Telerik components now that I know the quality I can expect from Telerik.

Derek FrySr. Software Engineer
Custom Software Solutions

I needed Windows 8 controls that would fit my needs, environment (HTML/JS) and allow me to ship Windows 8 apps with ease. I’ve used Telerik controls before so with the help of their developer evangelists and custom controls, I achieved an unexpected but truly welcomed bonus in productivity. I’m already planning another Windows 8 applications while preparing to ship others.

Chris HoudeshellFreelance

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