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    Q2 2014 Leak: What’s Cooking for RadSpreadsheet for WPF/SL

    With Q2 just round the corner I want to unveil RadSpreadsheet’s coolest features which are coming out very soon. I am thrilled to say that with Q2 we will add important functionalities that have been requested by many of you: export to PDF, filtering, sorting. Here’s a quick preview.
    May 29, 2014
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    How to display more than one property in editable Telerik ComboBox for WPF/Silverlight

    As a RadComboBox user you probably are already aware of the fact that it provides two edit modes out of the box – along with the default non-editable mode there is an editable one. The editable mode allows the user to get the desired item by typing, however it also ignores the SelectionBoxTemplate which gives you the ability to display the selected item differently. This article will demonstrate how to customize the appearance of the selected item by modifying the EditableTemplate of RadComboBox.
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    Setting a theme of the WPF/Silverlight Report Viewer (Q1 2014 and later)

    Starting from Telerik Reporting Q1 2014 release both the Silverlight and WPF report viewers support only implicit styling. Implicit styling has several advantages over the StyleManager approach, like smaller assemblies and full Expression Blend support.
    May 08, 2014
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    How to add minimum populate delay in RadAutoCompleteBox for WPF/Sliverlight

    When it comes to built-in filtering, autocompleting search results and virtualization the RadAutoCompleteBox is the control to go. The control provides multiple selection, autocomplete and text searching modes with it’s out of the box enabled filtering and virtualization. In most scenarios when there is a need for searching/autocompleting functionality the RadAutoCompleteBox behaves perfectly and gets the job done but there are couple more complex scenarios where it is possible to improve its functionality.
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    RadSpreadsheet Tips and Tricks: Customize the Context Menu Like a Pro

    It’s time to dive into RadSpreadsheet and learn tips and tricks about the other extension points of the control. Particularly, this post shows how to construct a context menu according to your needs and also, add items that execute custom commands. The context menu we will create will have two menu items for the copy and paste built-in commands and also a Highlight menu item for our custom command.
    April 14, 2014