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    Using Silverlight's easing functions when expanding/collapsing items in TreeView and PanelBar

    With the upcoming Q1 2011 Beta release, we’ve decided to sugarcoat RadTreeView and RadPanelBar even more. With the release of Silverlight 3, Microsoft introduced easing functions which are basically “custom mathematical formulas to your animations. For example, you may want an object to realistically bounce or behave as though it were on a spring.” Incorporating easing functions within RadTreeView or RadPanelBar can be done using Telerik’s AnimationManager:
    February 14, 2011
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    TileView new feature: Maximized item docking

      With the Q1 2011 the RadTileView will support a couple of new features. One of them is the Windows 7 like docking for maximizing an item. To use this feature will be easy and intuitive. The first thing you'll have to do is turn it on using the IsDockingEnabled property, then drag an item to the desired maximize position(note that depending on the position a respective MaximizeArea will appear) and drop it there. Example Here I'll show you how to create a simple RadTileView with docking. First let's add a RadTileView, some DataTemplates and styles for the RadTileView and the RadTileViewItems: <Grid.Resources>     <DataTemplate x:Key="itemTemplate">         <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">             <TextBlock Text="Item" />             <TextBlock Text="{Binding...
    February 10, 2011
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    Telerik RadMap for Silverlight – Custom provider

    Since Q1 2011 several changes were made to the RadMap improving it's functuonality - multiple providers added, support for culture settings to the map sources, own set of commands shown in every provider's CommandBar and etc. The RadMap provider architecture implemented in Q1 2011 release became not backwards-compatible with previous versions of the control. For RadMap's Custom Provider version 2011 Q1 and later, please refer to this blog post.   Currently the RadMap control supports a few providers: · Bing Maps · OpenStreet Maps (also described in Vesselin’s blogpost) · Empty Provider This blogpost will demonstrate how to create a custom map provider. For the purposes of this example will create a provider for NAVTEQ. The...
    February 04, 2011
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    RadRichTextBox for WPF CTP

    We are happy to announce the first CTP version of the latest addition to our WPF suite: RadRichTextBox. RadRichTextBox was initially developed in Silverlight, but in response to numerous customer requests and following the tradition of keeping our WPF and Silverlight suites in sync, we are doing our best to provide a WPF version as soon as possible – so expect the first beta around the end of February, and a public release along with Q1 2011 – around the end of March 2011. You can check out our ClickOnce demo (for .NET 4.0 or for .NET 3.5 SP1) – assure you are...
    February 02, 2011
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    Integrating RadMap for Silverlight in ASP.NET

    Nowadays, with the increasing adoption of Silverlight, it is not uncommon to integrate one or more Silverlight controls in an existing asp.net website. More or less, it utilizes the integration logic demonstrated in this Telerik TV entry - http://tv.telerik.com/watch/silverlight/webinar/radcontrols-silverlight-aspnet and Manol’s blogpost - http://blogs.telerik.com/manoldonev/posts/09-03-17/silverlight_radchart_interoperability_with_asp_net.aspx . If you want to know how RadMap for Silverlight can be bound to RadGrid in ASP.NET go ahead and keep reading. The most important steps are as follows: 1. Prepare the Silverlight application, adding references to the dlls of the controls it contains. In our case, this is a simple XAML page, containing a RadMap control: Code...