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    Silverlight is Dead, Long Live XAML

      by Stephen Forte (This article is a re-post from the Stephen Forte's Blog)   A few weeks ago I was in the Telerik cafeteria at our world headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a colleague walked up to me and asked: "Is Silverlight dead?" I replied: "No, but it has seen better days." Since Silverlight's absence from last year's Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in Redmond, WA, the infamous "our strategy has shifted" comment made by Microsoft Server and Tools Division President Bob Muglia, Scott Guthrie's move out of DevDiv, and the recent reorg of the XAML team, the community has been in an uproar assuming that Silverlight...
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    Introducing Telerik Persistence Framework for Silverlight and WPF

    Have you ever wondered how to save the properties of your UI elements with just one line of code? Do you need to load a previous visual state of an UI element? We're proud to introduce the newest member of the Telerik XAML family - the Persistence Framework. With its powerful save and load mechanism, the Persistence Framework allows you to save the UI related properties of your controls in a stream or an isolated storage so that you can retrieve their values later. This way you can easily store the layout of your application and keep your users' preferences. The...
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    Introducing RadPropertyGrid for Silverlight and WPF

    June 28, 2011 Share
    We hope you will share our excitement of announcing the brand new member of Telerik’s XAML suite – the RadPropertyGrid. This control will be officially available with the Q2 2011 release that is coming in the midst of July, but now it is included in our recently released Beta for early preview and to satisfy your curiosity. RadPropertyGrid introduces an intuitive and versatile approach to data processing and visualization. Unlike the widely beloved RadDataForm, RadPropertyGrid sets the focus on a single item rather than on a collection of items, exposing many useful features as grouping and search as you type....
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    Introducing Breadcrumb for Silverlight

    I’m happy to announce that with the Q2 2011 Beta we are releasing a new rad control – RadBreadcrumb. With the Q2 Beta the RadBreadcrumb will be available only for Silverlight and we will include a WPF version for the official Q2 2011 release.  The Breadcrumb control is a lot like the TreeView – you have a hierarchy through which you can freely navigate, but unlike the TreeView the breadcrumb is showing only the currently selected path in the hierarchy and have a couple of additional features like history and text mode. In this blog post I’ll try to explain you the...
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    New TileView features

    We are happy to announce that with the Q2 2011 Beta we are adding a couple of new features which will help you to customize the layout of the RadTileView even more. There are three new TileViewPanel properties: IsRowsShrinkEnabled and IsColumnsShrinkEnabled Those two properties are effecting the arrange of the items in Restored state. With them you’ll be able to have restored items with different sizes without this causing the appearance of blank spaces between them.