• .NET

    Creating custom drag arrow in Silverlight

    Since Q3 2011 we have changed the default drag API used. It allows creating more complex scenario as well as building MVVM friendly drag behaviors. However, it does not support drag arrow which, although not very popular feature is still used. Thus, when arrow was required, we have suggesting using legacy execution mechanism. In this blog I will write how to create your own drag arrow using DragDropManager events. So, basically we will use AddDragInitialize, GiveFeedback and DragDropCompleted to create and control the arrow. We also use Popup to display it on the screen. The arrow itself is located in Arrow...
    January 23, 2012
  • .NET

    RadMap for Silverlight / WPF: How to resize map shapes with mouse dragging

    RadMap provides a rich set of geocoordinate-enabled shapes that can be defined and displayed onto the map surface .There are scenarios, however, where you would like to do more than just position a shape onto the map. This blogpost will demonstrate how to manipulate each individual segment of line/polyline/polygon shape based on mouse input from the user. For example we will select (highlight) a point, and drag the selected object to another location on the map – modifying in this way the shape or the line segment. First of all we’ll need two Information layers – one...
    January 09, 2012
  • Company News

    Silverlight: Silverlight 5 is out. What does this mean to me?

    Microsoft's long awaited release of Silverlight 5 happened on Friday. Silverlight 5.0 ships with a ton of new features, including new media and graphic improvements as well as extending the trust model to the browser (a big deal for some Line of Business applications). This release happened without any fanfare but that hardly diminishes its value. Some of the great things in the release are listed here. While Microsoft did not announce that there was going to be a Silverlight 6, they did announce they would extend support for Silverlight 5 for ten years until 10 Dec 2021, as long...
    December 13, 2011
  • .NET

    Filtering Collection Properties with RadGridView for Silverlight and WPF

    By default, RadGridView will not be able to filter properties which are IEnumerable. However, with two of its features you can easily add this custom functionality. The first feature you need to use are the Custom Filtering Controls which I have explained in one of my earlier blog posts so I will not go into detail here. The focus of this blog is how to implement the IFilterDescriptor interface so that our data engine can filter your enumerable property. This interface allows you to provide a filtering expression. This expression will be used when the data engine performs the actual filtering. In the...
    December 05, 2011
  • .NET

    Introducing Telerik Color Editor for Silverlight and WPF

    We are proud to introduce the newest member of the Telerik XAML family - the Color Editor. With its powerful color selection mechanism, the Color Editor allows an intuitive way of picking your desired color. The Color Editor provides support for few of the major color modes - RGB, HSV, HLS and CMYK. In addition, the Color Editor allows you to edit each individual channel of the above mentioned color models. Let's begin with the most basic declaration of the Color Editor in XAML. <telerik:RadColorEditor Height="220" Width="400" /> By changing the value in the color mode drop-down you can control which color model is currently active. As mentioned...
    November 29, 2011