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    Q2 UI for Xamarin Beta Debuts ListView for Xamarin.Forms

    I am glad to announce the immediate availability of the highly anticipated ListView for Xamarin.Forms control in Beta two weeks before we release it officially with Q2 2015. The new control is supported by a Demo app (called SDKBrowser). Read on to learn more about the suite improvements coming with this version.
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    UI for Xamarin Ships Extensible API for Easy Access to Platform-Specific Features

    The Xamarin.Forms technology does an excellent job at enabling .NET developers to build native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone from a single C# codebase. However some of the platform-specific features which can considerably enhance your app stay hard to access. The latest update of Telerik UI for Xamarin removes this friction. We have extended the API of our Xamarin.Forms controls to allow you to effortlessly access our Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android wrappers types and take advantage of the platform-specific features.
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    UI for Xamarin Q1 2015 is Here, Featuring ListView, SideDrawer and DataSource Wrappers

    The first major release for this year delivers brand new controls. Answering your feature requests, Q1 2015 of UI for Xamarin introduces ListView, SideDrawer and DataSource wrappers for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. SideDrawer for Xamarin.Android and ListView for Xamarin.iOS come in Beta. The official versions will come in a about month, together with SideDrawer and ListView for Xamarin.Forms.
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    New, Flexible Pricing Model and Calendar for Telerik UI for Xamarin

    With this Service Pack release of Telerik UI for Xamarin, we are launching new pricing options for to better suit developers interested in single or multi-platform development with the Xamarin Framework and our UI suite. Also new with this Service Pack is the new Calendar Control for Xamarin.Forms. It allows you to easily implement various calendar scenarios in your Xamarin.Forms project.
    December 16, 2014
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    Building a Mobile Cross-Platform App from a Shared C# Code Base with UI for Xamarin

    UI for Xamarin is Telerik latest product for cross-platform mobile apps development. It is built on top of the Telerik native controls for iOS and Android to offer Xamarin users truly native UI for their apps no-compromise customization and flexibility capabilities and native-quality performance. The product ships Xamarin wrappers for UI for iOS, Xamarin wrappers for UI for Android and Xamarin.Forms controls.
    December 10, 2014