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    When Should You Use Metro, Version 2

    September 21, 2011 Share
    A blog by Todd Anglin, Chief Evangelist at Telerik. (Original post here) During my busy week at the Microsoft BUILD conference, I cranked-out a quick and rough decision tree designed to help you decide which Microsoft platform you should use for app development:Silverlight/WPF, HTML5, or the new Metro/WinRT. The chart proved to be very popular, so I thought I'd revisit the decision tree and with the benefit of more time to reflect, produce a new, more complete version. Thus, I present version 2 of the "How to Pick Your Platform" chart. What's Different? In the original chart, the first question I made you answer was, "Do you need to support...
  • .NET

    Under the Hood of RadImageEditor for Silverlight and WPF

    July 20, 2011 Share
    Introduction In one of the previous blog posts, we gave you a quick overview of how to use RadImageEditorUI to add a basic image editor to your application in a few simple steps. However, there is often a need for more customized image editing capabilities, in which case you can use the bare-bone RadImageEditor control. It doesn’t force a specific UI, so you can choose one that will best integrate in your application. Whereas RadImageEditorUI contains all the UI you need from a basic image editor, RadImageEditor consists only of the image that is being edited. It has an API that...
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    Telerik Zip Library–the newest member of the big RadControls family

    Have you ever wondered how to increase the responsiveness of your applications by compressing the data that you send over the internet? The Q2 2011 release of the RadControls for Silverlight and WPF comes with a new RadZipLibrary which allows you to easily compress data like images, docx or pdf files and send them over the wire. Thus, you will achieve fast and secure transactions. This is a list with short descriptions of the top-of-the-line features of Telerik’s Zip Library: Easy to use API – the Zip Library exposes flexible and easy to use API to provide you with full control over the compressed data Load or create ZIP...
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    Telerik XAML controls (Silverlight and WPF) - Q2 2011 Official

    This major release of the market-leading controls for LOB applications adds 8 new controls, 2 new Dashboard demos and a modern Metro theme built from the ground-up to accommodate all the best practices in Metro UI applications.  Among the new controls included in this release you can find Persistence Framework, ImageEditor, DataServiceDataSource, BreadCrumb, PropertyGrid, RibbonView, ZipLibrary, TreeMap and PivotMap.  In addition to what we announced for the Beta release you will find TreeMap and PivotMap control as well as a brand new ZipLibrary framework. The TreeMap and PivotMap controls can be used to visualize large amounts of hierarchically organized data. TreeMaps have been used to successfully visualize various kinds of...
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    The new RadRibbonView and why you should use it instead of the old RadRibbonBar

    With the Q2 release of the RadControls for Silverlight and WPF we are announcing the new RadRibbonView control. It is an easy-to-use implementation of the Microsoft Office 2010 “ribbon” UI, which will allow to codelessly organize all the functionality of your application into a single compact toolbar control. But all of you that are already familiar with our RadControls for Silverlight and WPF will say: “But what happened with the RadRibbonBar? Isn’t it the same and why we need a new one?” So in this blog post I will try to list the most significant improvements in the new control compared...