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    Another Free RadWebinar: RadGridView for WinForms

    September 15, 2008 Share
    WinForms developers, mark your calendars! Telerik and Falafel have teamed up to bring you another FREE RadWebinar on October 1, 2008 from 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM EST. In case you've never attended a previous RadWebinar, I highly recommend you check it out. They are a great way to get up to speed with the RadControls or to get your questions answered by Telerik experts. This next RadWebinar will be a 2-hour session demonstrating how to use the RadGridView for WinForms and will be taught by none other than Falafel President and CEO Lino Tadros. Some of the main topics Lino...
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    Could a WinForms app get any slicker?

    It's finally out! As promised, we compiled this cool demo that uses a very simple but slick carousel UI. Now you can just give it a spin! The download contains updated versions of several other Telerik Windows Forms demos that we have recently added to our portfolio, such as a RadGridView exporting demo, which features our great Telerik.Reporting solution: I'll be very glad to have your feedback on this. Have fun!...
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    Visual Style Builder Survey

    Once again, I am excited to announce the start of a new initiative to improve the user experience with skinning the Telerik controls. We are starting work on a new Visual Style Builder application for the ASP.NET AJAX Controls and a major upgrade of the existing application for the WinForms Controls. The Visual Style Builder will allow easy, point-and-click customization of component skins, eliminating the need to get acquainted with the front-end structure of the controls. The Visual Style Builder will also speed up development of skins across several components - you will be able to define a style once and...
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    RadControls for WinForms gaining more speed

    …Or how you should manage predefined themes in Q2 2008 As mentioned previously, RadControls for WinForms is the only WinForms suite which provides WPF-like effects on the classic Windows Forms platform. This has its challenges, because the Windows Forms platform was not build with such rich visualization in mind. For example, performance suffers if too many elements are animated on the form; the form/application start up time increases with too many visual elements on the form, etc. It is our job to try and find ways to keep these times at a minimum, but keep the same rich functionality and dazzling...
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    Have a safe trip from WinForms to WPF

    February 20, 2008 Share
    We have received several requests so far by customers who one way or another ask for the same thing: "Can you make your WPF controls in such a way that later when I convert my WinForms application (which use your WinForms controls) to WPF I wouldn't need to deal with different APIs and inconsistencies?".   In general, this could be achieved if we had: the same feature set in these two product lines the same API for our WinForms controls and WPF controls The first point is feasible and we'll do our best to do it.   The second, however, is something we probably won’t do....