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    RadControls for WinForms SP2 Now Available

    Today Telerik released the second service pack for the Q3 2008 RadControls for WinForms. It's been about a month and a half since SP1, and in that time a lot of great fixes and improvements have been added to the controls. The release notes, as always, have the full list of what's changed in this release, but here are a couple of enhancements of interest.  RadGridView Introduced an API for customizing XML Serialization Enhancements to the Validation API Improvement of the memory footprint and resource management RadDockingManager Improved layout with Tabbed Documents New property AutoHideSize which can be applicated to DockPanels and TabbedDocuments While...
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    RadGroupBox for WinForms

    We are happy to announce yet another control to be added to our WinForms portfolio in Q1 2009 - RadGroupBox. The new control will offer the same functionality as the standard toolbox GroupBox, but will add some extra coolness by supporting Telerik’s remarkable styling mechanism:     Here are some of the features it will offer: Theme Support RadGroupBox will support all common themes that come with Telerik RadControls for WinForms: standard theme (aka Control Default), Office 2007 Blue, Office 2007 Silver, Office 2007 Black, Desert, Telerik, and Aqua. We will also have one new theme for the official release.   Properties The HeaderPosition can be...
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    Export RadGridView Data to Microsoft Excel

    I am sure that most of your data-driven applications require support for Microsoft Excel. Probably the best and most famous spreadsheet application known for data manipulation, MS Excel provides useful features such as calculations, graphing tools and pivot tables – things that are not so easy to do in a regular data-driven application. RadGridView for WinForms offers data export to Excel out of the box, a handy feature that saves you the hassle to do this yourself. It supports two methods for exporting data:     • Exporting through Primary Interop Assemblies, optimized for black & white printing. Here we provide a...
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    RadMessageBox for WinForms

    December 11, 2008 Share
    Hello folks. I am sure all of us are enjoying with Telerik’s good looking and reach theming mechanism for WinForms. But in every application there is a need for user interaction and very often it uses some type of question or message to guide the user what he is supposed to do.   I am sure that you have used the default WinForms MessageBox class and its Show method  The standard appearance of this message box, however, does not fit nicely in the slick design of an application built with RadControls for WinForms, and I know how boring it is to implement your own...
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    Enhancing Your WinForms UI with HTML-like Formatting

    November 10, 2008 Share
    Until recently our Windows Forms offering didn’t have support for HTML-like rich text formatting, so typical for web applications. With the Q3 release shipped on November 5 this has changed. This release of RadControls for WinForms has the HTML-like formatting capabilities on a framework level. What does it mean? Well, as of now every VisualElement descendent is capable of rich text formatting - Labels, Buttons, RadCalendar, RadGridView, etc. The implementation is very simple, especially if your users are familiar with HTML. To turn on the rich formatting behavior you must begin your text with an <html> tag; use <size=[+|-]value> to set...