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    Insperity gains 30% time savings on QA testing with Telerik

    This case study shows how Insperity saved time by applying a new Test Studio testing solution, implementing the software, infrastructure and usable scripts within six months.
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    Test Studio Scheduling is Back and Better Than Ever

    Test Studio Scheduling is Back and Better Than Ever 870x220
    The latest Test Studio R3 2015 includes the awaited Scheduling refactoring. It greatly improves the stability, scalability and usability of the feature.
    November 20, 2015
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    Native Android Support Arrives in Test Studio R3 2015

    Test Studio R3 2015 is here, bringing several improvements to Test Studio Web and Desktop, as well as Native Android support for Test Studio Mobile.
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    UI Testing with Xcode 7 and Telerik UI for iOS

    At Telerik we know how important is for our customers to have stable and reliable product. That is why we take testing seriously. We know that automated tests allow us to verify that the whole product is functioning correctly. Until now, we used UIAutomation for unit tests to ensure that our API is functioning properly. Regarding UI tests, we tried different tools and products. However, no one was able to handle our requirements. Therefore, based on our own experience and our customers' experience, we built our own tool - Telerik Test Studio - which already implements and is going to implement a bunch of the features we were not able to find anywhere else. More information about it you can find at the bottom of the article and soon we will make a deep dive into how to test UI for iOS with Telerik Test Studio. The main topic of the blog today, however, is the UI testing tool included in Xcode 7 which came as a nice surprise and complements Telerik Test Studio nicely. Read on to learn more about these two tools.
    September 15, 2015
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    Test Studio R2 Release with Test Studio Mobile

    Test Studio Mobile is Here
    Validating a consistent UX across devices is probably the biggest problem experienced in mobile testing today. In the latest release of Test Studio solution, we are introducing Test Studio Test Studio Mobile. It will help solve these real-time issues, and provide features and functionality to help you deliver high-quality apps on time.