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    RadRichTextBox for Silverlight - a lot more Rich-ness and even more Rad-ness with Q2 SP1

    Right after the anticipated Q2 SP1 is out, let me introduce some of the features that make Telerik RadRichTextBox proudly prefixed by rad and rich. Since a picture is worth a thousand words here are some six thousand words for you :) Zoom in/out: Click here for online demo. Integration with RadBook: Click here for online demo. Actually the new documents presentation controls allow even scenarios such as this one: …but we will need your help with more real-world stories about this one. New properties- "Xaml", "Html", "Text" allow binding in Xaml, enabling MVVM scenarios, easier usage with databases, RIA services, DataForms...
    August 16, 2010
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    Silverlight Recruiting Application #7 - Utilizing INotifyDataErrorInfo

    As you may recall from my previous blog post, we're revamping this application and bring it to the latest and greatest that is available in Silverlight today.  Coincidentally, Q2 2010 SP1 just came out today (check your accounts!) and I figured the best first place to start would be with something I removed previously- validation. Since I redid the model for this application, I completely scrapped all of the previous validation because I knew I could now take advantage of using INotifyDataErrorInfo, which gives us a slightly more graceful way to handle asynchronous validation in our application.  I would explain all...
    August 12, 2010
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    Return of the Silverlight Recruiting Application

    It has been a while since I've had a nice, lengthy, code-a-riffic post on here so I wanted to start this off right.  By the title of this post I've already given up part of the surprise- I'm revisiting the Silverlight Recruiting Application and bringing it up to date.  For those of you that don't remember (or haven't seen this series), the concept behind this application was around a real world internal use here at Telerik.  More specifically, we keep growing and therefore our HR demands have grown, requiring something more robust than a very organized use of Excel and...
    August 10, 2010
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    Create Silverlight Word Processor Using Just Visual Studio 2010 Designer

    Introducing RadRichtextBoxRibbonUI Some of you may have noticed that along with the official release of RadRichTextBox for Silverlight 4 we introduced a new control to our suite – RadRichTextBoxRibbonUI. Now we want to get your attention and share with you some more details about the new control. Its main purpose is to allow you to get a full featured editing UI for RadRichTextBox out-of-the-box with just one click. The whole process will take few seconds while you drag the control from the toolbox and drop it in the design surface. After that all the XAML will be generated automatically for you...
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    Silverlight: OutlookBar, Prism and TransitionControl

    With this post, I'll show you a step by step approach on how to integrate RadOutlookBar with Prism. To spice thing a little bit, the transitions between the different Prism modules will be handled by RadTransitionControl. Start off by creating a new Silverlight solution. Name the Silverlight application Prism.Shell and the Web project - Prism.Web   Organize the Solution Explorer a little bit by adding 3 solution folders.   Right-click on the Modules solution folder and add 2 new Silverlight applications. These applications will be the modules of our Prism application. Name them Prism.Module1 and Prism.Module2. Also, make sure they output their xap files...