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    DevConnections 2010 Update (Did someone say Windows Phone 7?)

    October 28, 2010 Share
    Since I can now officially talk about the secret behind the Telerik Vendor session at DevConnections 2010 in Las Vegas next week... yes, the "unannounced extras" will be licenses for our Windows Phone 7 controls!  That's right, by being one of the first 50 people to the Telerik session on Tuesday night (first in the list below), you get a free license for RadControls for Silverlight and RadControls for Windows Phone 7.  The demo that I'll be presenting will cover using the RadControls for Silverlight suite as well as the just-today-announced RadControls for Windows Phone CTP, so you can see the latest...
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    Using Telerik Reporting with WCF RIA Services

    October 22, 2010 Share
    Due to the rising popularity of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) e.g. Silverlight applications, the developers get more dependent on services for coordinating application logic between the middle tier and the presentation tier and the logical question raises how to use an already working WCF RIA Service as a datasource for Telerik Report. This is very useful if you want to enable the exact same business data access logic for clients other than Silverlight. For example to a WPF, WinForms or WebForms application. Thus we have made some tests locally and decided to share our observations in this post. Prerequisites: We will examine the WCF...
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    Blend, DevConnections, and Lighting Up The Web

    October 06, 2010 Share
    Hey Telerik Developers! I wanted to write a slightly out-of-band post to mention some of the speaking engagements that I will have over the next few months, covering a wide range of topics in the Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 space. First up, Telerik is pleased to host Expression Blend for Silverlight Developers, a one hour webinar being presented on October 21st aimed at helping the Telerik Developer Community (and for that matter, everyone using Silverlight, WPF, or Windows Phone 7) to learn a little bit more about Expression Blend and how it can fit into our daily development workflows.  You can...
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    Following up from New England Code Camp 14

    October 05, 2010 Share
    Hey Telerik Developer Community!  If you are in the northeastern US (or even further, if you look at the speakers!), then you probably spent this past Saturday afternoon at New England Code Camp 14 for a day jam packed with great topics and conversations. I was able to present Building a Unified Experience - Developing with Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7 at NECC and had a great time of it- the audience seemed to get into the talk as well with tons of questions regarding the framework, the future of WP7, and the launch that we all know is coming...
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    How to: Databind Telerik’s ToolBar

    September 28, 2010 Share
    In this post we will go through a scenario for databinding the RadToolBar control. Here is the end result: And the demo project with everything included: ToolBarMVVM.zip How to databind the ToolBar? The ToolBar is an ItemsControl and can be databound to any IEnumerable, but it is preferable to bind it to an observable collection since any changes in it will be reflected by the ToolBar. Since there is no ToolBarItem, because ToolBar may contain variety of other controls, we will use DataTemplateSelector class to help us determine the template for each item inside the ToolBar: public class ToolBarTemplateSelector : DataTemplateSelector     {         public override DataTemplate SelectTemplate(object item, DependencyObject container)         {             if (item...